DIY: ABM Hanging Glass Vase.

I'm back!!! with a diy this time. i mean i never left but its been a while since I've posted a diy on here so im so excited.
as you know, i got the new a beautiful mess book, Happy Handmade Home, when it first came out and i read through it in like 2 hours at work!!!

last night as my mom was cleaning the living room (she's been cleaning non stop since we finally got my brother in to my old room), i noticed she had this little round jar on the table and as soon as i saw it...Ding Ding DIIING! i remembered i had seen a vase diy in the book so i took it from her and away i went! 
{they also have the original diy post that includes several vases on their website if you want more details!}

i was supposed to be doing homework but gaaah!, so i jumped at the opportunity to make something really pretty really quick. 

- vase (skinny neck // wide opening to avoid the rope from sliding) 
- twine
- hook (if you choose to hang it on your wall which i will when i make a better version of this) 
- washi tape

1. tie the twine around the neck several times and make a secure knot. 
2. once your knot is made, wrap the twine over and over the neck to your liking. 
(not shown: i wrapped it around a couple of times and then i would run the twine through the loop for extra security)
3. you don't have to but because i wanted to sorta copy the book and for added security, once you have wrapped to your liking, you can run the twine on the sides. 
(because it wasnt staying on strong due to the shape of the bottle,  i only did this 4 times and left it at that.) 
4. additional step: if you'd like to, you can use washi tape for decoration. 
(i used it for decoration and also to hold the twine on the sides) 
isn't she pretty?
because of the shape of the bottle it was kinda hard to add the washi tape without it crinkling buuuut I'm not picky myself. 
i love it! i was trying to steal one of the beautiful orange roses that my sister got my mom but my mom threatened me so i'll wait. 

i do have a perfect spot for several of these in my room so i cant wait to buy some more to make. this took i think the most 20 minutes and can be very cheap depending on the items you use and buy. 

i cant wait to make more!
sorry for the less than stellar pictures....i didn't want to do this and not document it.
but i will be back with better pictures when i do the other ones. 

thanks for reading! (: 
have a great "holy smokes its already Wednesday its almost the weekend" Wednesday!


  1. This is adorable. I'm not a crafty person but I might try this. Just in time for spring ;)

    1. this was soo easy to make! i loved it! i cant wait to make a better version with more vases. i have the perfect spot!
      let me know if you make them! (:

  2. These are super cute! Simple and lovely, I'm going to have to make these!



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