Snapshot Sunday {258-264}

perfect Sunday.
woke up at 1130 am (oh so good!), slightly hungover, cleaned (ish) my room and im now watching Gilmore Girls. Jess is back and Luke just asked Lorelai out to his sisters wedding. 
yes, i know. i need a life. 

lets get started!

258 // 
sometimes lunch breaks consist of chocolate cake and a good read outside while its (FINALLY) a little bit windy. 
report on that book coming right up. spoiler: i loved it!
259 // 
picked these babies up in Vegas last weekend. 
cant wait to use them. 
(yes ive had them a week and no i have not used them yet! shame on me!) 
260 // 
clouds on the way home from Vegas. 
261 // 
i have ALWAYS wanted to go to Downtown LA at night and walk around but being the huge chicken that i am there's no way that i'd go by myself. my friend Dan hit me up, we went and i got this beautiful shot! insert heart eyes emoji. isnt she a beauty! 
thanks for taking me dan.  love ya ya jerk. 
262 // 
i mean c'mon!!!
all right im over him, he bit my nose. 
263 // 
no life changing reason for this picture. i just love how AMAZING this picture looks. 
gah! i love my s5!
264 // 
im sorry if this offends anyone (but i mean, is it lying?) i saw this last night and man, i was laughing for about a good 30 minutes. i was buzzing it so maybe that added to the factor. im not going to lie, im still laughing. 

time to go do some more nothing. i love it. 
thanks for reading.  (: 

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