Phone Case of the Month: September

what kind of phone do you have? 
a Samsung Galaxy? 
...oh I'm very sorry. 
"but why Les, you have a galaxy s5 and you love it!" 
yes i do i wouldn't change it for the world. (okay maybe the 6 or id even wait for a 7! the way, when do you call it quits? is apple going to go up to like iPhone 7835451?) 

anyways, why did i say that? because if you're like me and you own an KNOW how hard it is to find a case!
its not until now that i have the 5 that I'm finding ridiculously cute cases for the s3!
and most of the homemade stuff you find on etsy (I'm sorry but...) sorta sucks. its an empty case with a metal cutout glued to the case.  

for the 3 & the 5 i just bought the case at t-mobile and I've always gotten the same one because i loooove it soooo! and because lets face it, at $30 a pop i might as well get a case that will hella protect my phone! and let me tell you, it has saved my phone a million times. 

anyways, all of that to tell you basically that i found a website that for the LOW price of $10 ($5 if you use this link! ;) sends you a case once a month for your phone! (both droids and iphones!) 

Septembers case: 

isn't it cute!? 
its only $10 so don't expect it to be all super uber protective but a case on your phone is better than none. (and all those broken iPhone screens prove my point!)

it comes in the little red bag (seen above) with goodies! i didn't picture it on the post but i got a sticker and something else (i forgot!) 
i loved it!!!!
i love that its wearing a scarf! (what!) it's super light as well so it was good since the other cover on my phone usually makes it heavier.
i cant wait to see what i get next month. 

like i said, if ya want $$$ off use this link.
and if you get one let me know what you got! (:
....and lets share links! (:
obviously the more you share your personal link the more you get $ off so most cases can even be free. lets do each other a favor and gift each other free cases! 
oh, and shipping is free so win win win!!!

ps: no they are not sponsoring me in ANY way. 
i just like sharing goodies! (: 
all opinions are my own 

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