Street Art: The Linq at Las Vegas

a couple of weekends ago i took my mother and sister to Vegas to catch the Marc Anthony concert. 
Friday, we got there, checked in, had dinner and walked the strip. 

The Linq opened up earlier this year (hotel later on in Oct) and while i have been to Las Vegas several times this year this was the first time i got to go. and truthfully the ONLY reason i wanted to go was because i wanted to see the street art they have there. it was a mission to get there because i have no idea where the parking is for this place so we parked at the very beginning of the strip at the MGM and worked our way down. 
its was worth it. 
we saw Leslie Chow (the hangover. "street artist" of course) in a thong.
my mom was amazed at all the practically naked women and she had a blast at Ross (-.-) and all the little souvenir shops. i just wanted to go to The Linq. 

it was worth it once we got there. 
jump on over and take a look!

this was an entire 3 piece wall. i didnt want to take a panorama picture because i wanted to get as much as possible. 
these two go together side to side and of course by @starfightera // @easeonetx
(i cant really read the last name to give proper credit. sorry!)
she had actually posted this picture a day before i left so i knew i had to go catch this!
my favorite one!
"see art in all you see" 

if you find yourself in Vegas, and let's face it, at one point you will be walking the strip, take a second and go in to The Linq. they have all sorts of stores, restaurants, of course The Worlds Tallest Observation Wheel and of course, if you get a chance, stop by here. who doesn't want a trillion options to print their pictures! I'm so bummed i missed it!

...aaaand if you have some time to spare, take this route. looks like so much fun!
i was going to take my mom and sister but as always we left late and the fact that i was driving my sisters car didn't help. had i had mine, we'd still probably be there. 

oh! and also, we stayed here. its on Las Vegas Blvd but away from the strip which i must admit is a good thing sometimes. its only about 3-4 miles maybe even less. 
the room i got had only one bed and a pull out couch but the place was AWESOME!!!!
the bedroom had its own huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and 2 sinks. access to the balcony as well. 
the living room where the pull out couch was at also had its own bathroom with a shower, access to the balcony and its own closet. 
the eating area wasn't big but it had a decent sized table for 4 and the kitchen came stocked!!! pots, pans, coffee maker, glasses, fridge EVERYTHING!!!! i wanted to move in there! i paid for that room for the entire weekend what one regular small room on the strip would probably cost for the night. way to go Grupon!!!! you know what sold me? the water slides and the pool! lol 
they also have movie nights and activities going on. super cool. 
(i will say this though, at check out they will try to let you know about a free trip although the only obligation is that you have to attend a 90 minute seminar about timeshares at "no obligation to buy" so if you're not!) 

okay done. 
thanks for reading! (: 
cant wait (yes i can!) to go back to Vegas and catch some more art!
happy Thursday! 

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