Monday Tidbits

its currently 9pm. everyone is in their own rooms and its so peaceful that were all in bed this early.
even if bed means my mom and sister with the dogs barking at each other watching some sort of anime show, my brother screaming new inventive curse words over the head seat since he's playing some video game on the ps4 and me laying on my bed doing homework yet procrastinating. 

i thought i'd stop by and write about that because it just seemed so perfect. 
the weather is cool so i can sleep with leggings under the blankets. its almostokaysitsalready pumpkin season and also, to talk about a few highlights. 

  • last night, i realized that i do NOT belong in the kitchen (i mean i already knew). case in point: i was asked to make tea. i panicked. all i had to do was boil water. eventually i got over my baby picnic attack and made that damn tea. then i proceeded to pour said boiled water in to the cup and managed to burn my last two fingers with steam!!! luckily, the pinky being so small survived. the right side non ring finger finger, well that one, it looks cool. nothing too crazy but i mean who the heck burns their fingers pouring water!!!!? (someone find me stats that state im not the only one!)
  • more proof that i DONT belong in the kitchen: i woke up late today for work. instead of panicking, i hit snooze, slept another 20 minutes. then i got up, got ready and still, didn't worry about being late so i made scrambled eggs and a bagel. im sitting at the table minding my own "oh who cares that im an hr and a half late to work" business when Tess walks by (she's a freaking kitchen genius!!!) and she says "you made those eggs there?" all i could do was laugh. i haven't laughed that hard in a while. you had to be there. 
  • not funny but: last night at like 5 am, the stars. wow! beautiful!!! i could see them clearly. simply beautiful. living in polluted with lights LA leaves you with loving eyes when you do see them
  •  once i left to work, i saw a lost dog walking the street. cue sad music crying eyes scene. i wasn't going to go after it because well, that meant a trip to seaaca and while i was already late i couldn't lose another 2 hrs. i saw that it had a collar with a tag but i still left. i turned one corner and i couldn't deal with it so i went back. i managed to get real close to the dog and i was about to grab it with a towel. but it side swept me and i just followed her til she would let me grab her. she never did but i chased her just to make sure that she didn't run in to the street. she never did! :) she turned in to an apt complex and ran inside a house that had their door open. i asked this little girl if the dog was hers and she said no and i went into 'oh shit' panic mode trying to get the dog out the house without going inside the house. ....long story less long than it already is, the dog was theirs. wooohoo!!!! saving one dog at a time. 

no better way to start a Monday huh? 
let's see what this week brings!
i cant believe im about to say this but im dreading this weekend. so future Monday hurry up! (i mean you're already going by fast help a sista' out!)

hope you have a great rest of your week! :*

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