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last night while i was trying to fall asleep, i started browsing the Google play store to see what cd they have for free this week (its Demi Lovato) then i stumbled upon this great cd on sale for $3.99!

ahhh! i LOVE this cd. 
if im being honest, i had forgotten about it for a long while but as of last night ive listened to it several times (as i was falling asleep and on its second round at work) and my love for Tragic Kingdom has been restored!
i remember finding this cd in my cousin Helen's room or house and hearing it on repeat when i finally got a burned copy of it. 
hearing the song Sixteen when i was 16 was everything to me. i felt like a total bad ass. i felt like that entire year that song was for me. haha, oh to be a kid. can you believe it 10 years ago!!!! where did the time go?

any who, if you've been wanting it now's the time to go grab it. 
i ended up purchasing the album on Amazon ($3.99 as well // physical copy $4.39! what a steal) just so it would sync with my work computer.

go buy and rock out!!!

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