happy birthday ma!

just wanted to stop by and post this picture of my momma cause <3 
we celebrated another birthday and this one was all sorts of special!

-Josh (my cousin. WE LOVE HER!) came down from Oregon for her nephews bday party and she wanted to hang out before she left back on Sunday. because of my mom's shindig i couldn't go out so we made it in to a family event and had the cousins come over. we had pizza and drinks and the ice cream i forgot to take out. aaannd....

- we also had agua chiles (its shrimp in spicy as hell green sauce!) that B made. yep. that's right. the boyfriend met the mother! and siblings and cousins and then, my dad! (insert shocked emoji face) in my 27 years of life, NEVER have i brought a guy home. its not my thing. i dont introduce unless its HELLA serious. so, its hella serious!

-we had family dinner after at El Torito like ALWAYS! well this is the 3rd year in a row. except this year we were joined by B (he had family dinner with us. color me super shocked!!!!) and my dad. 
for some odd reason, they were out of EVERYTHING!!!!
dr pepper, pibb, their Mexican burger, the alcohol in my drink, susu's tortilla soup, the flour tortillas, tessie's salad....basically it was a hot mess but it was so much fun!

here's to another year mom! 
i love you lots! 
you are the best!!

thanks for everyone that came out! (Chris, Wendy, Ross, Tay, Josh, Marilyn, Steph, Eve & Noah!) 
you guys rock!

cant wait for the party! <3

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