wild // cheryl strayed

published: 2012
isbn: 978-0-307-59273-6 // 311 pages
read: 7/24-8/5/2015

"...i think its neat you do what you want. not enough chicks do that, if you ask me - just tell society and their expectations to go fuck themselves. if more women did that we'd be better off." -Lou page 186

im truly bummed, like never before, to have finished this book. 
the more i think about it, the more i am saddened that i no longer get to peek in to her hiking life. 

im pretty sure you all know about this book to some extent specially since Reese Witherspoon started in the movie adaptation. buuut then again maybe you don't. 
basically, this book is everything to me right now and i am honestly bummed that i finished it.

this book is based on Cheryl's life and how when her mother dies she sort of just goes in to a downward spiral. her family falls apart, she cheats on her husband and she becomes a drug addict (well i dont think addict is the right word because she does end up giving it up...but i mean i dont know what else to call it.)
she realizes her life is shit and so she decides to hike the pacific crest trail. (how awesome is that; a trail from Mexico to Canada!) of course she doesn't just one day up and decide "hey! im going to do it!" theres more to it but for once im not even going to spoil the book for you. im just giving you the synopsis. 

you know whats funny? 
i read the comments on good reads and some people were just, daaamn. 
not giving the book a chance and just callilng her one lucked out slut who kept having stuff handed to her and i thought to myself A) im NEVER going to goodreads for a quick peek because these people, geesh and B) "slut" or not...who are they to say? granted she messed up her own life but how many people do you see give up everything and go for something else, something terrifying in life?
you know how nice it sounds to leave things behind and go on a hike like the one she did? (she did CA to Oregon. i believe 334 miles or something around like that?) 
what i wouldn't love! to hike California the way she did? 
but ya know what? nope. im scared as hell. are you kidding me!? 
im pretty sure its safer now you know. with time they've made it better and what not but still. i cant just up and leave like that and its only based on fear of getting mauled by a bear or something like that.
can you imagine the way she did it? all by herfreakingself!?
i read somewhere that she was the first woman to hike it or something. idk. she was the only woman that was listed in all of the registries at the time she started. that's pretty badass. 
i believe it takes a hell of a lot of courage to do what she did. well, you know, seeing the state she was in. 
and yes, she completes her hike but its not without its ups and downs. 

im honestly glad i read this book because i completely loved it. 
its more of the journey that captured me and got me really in to it. 

as for the movie, for the most part, they do include sort of everything but they mix it up. things that happened towards the end of the book happened in the beginning of the movie. some of the people of the book were switched around in the movie to save time i guess. its a good adaptation. wanna skip the book?, watch the movie. sorta the same gist. 

i really really liked this book and just like the Amy Poehler book, i cannot wait to read it again down the line!

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