after you // jojo moyes

published 2015 // 349 pages
isbn: 978-0-698-15204-5
read from: 2/26 to 3/17 // 2016

its funny how it went from "i have no idea what to say" about the first book to "all these ideas and thoughts going through my head and how do i get them out quickly without sounding like a hot mess" with this book. 

let me start with this and make of it what you will. 

do i believe that a second book needed to happen after the first one?  absolutely not. 
we know what the story was about and how it was going to end i had made my peace that we really didn't need to know anything further beyond that. i was thinking it was mostly about Will and Lou sort of but now that i read this book, i will admit it was nice to get closure to Lou and everyone else. 
with that being much as i think i would have been okay without this, i want to freaking send JM a fruit basket, a basket with whatever the heck inspires her to write and a basket of, i don't know, whatever else she wants cause i was laughing, crying and being angry all in one. and if a book can do that, then you know its a good one. 

there were point where i was like really? does this really need to be happening, i could have done without this but then it sucked me back in. 
it took me forever to finish this i guess because i wouldn't really devote time to it and i think it was maybe cause i HATED the idea of Lily buuuut i came around when it came to Lou and Sam stuff. 

who are they? 
tuun taaaa tuuuunnn!!! (imagine thats like a suspenseful, but not really, noise)

lets get to it. 

sooo....its been about 2 years since Will's death. 
Lou has traveled France and Paris and ultimately left because she was feeling burned out. 
she's living in the loft that Will left her and has basically become an alcoholic. 
from her loft, she and only she has access to the rooftop. so she gets drunk and goes up there every night. 
one night however, she goes and manages to fall. from the fifth floor and if it wasn't for her neighbors crap, she'd be dead. 
my first instant thought was, oooh girl, gonna end up like Will now aren't ya? 
....she gets rescued but her life is still shit. 

turns out she falls because she sees a young lady call out to her and that made her lose her balance (even though everyone thought she was trying to commit suicide). 
she goes back home (to her parents) and stays there for bit. 

blah blah blah.....
she goes back home. turns out the girl that caused her to fall is Lily.....SPOILER!!!!!! Lily is Will's daughter. the daughter he never knew he had. OVER but we know you probably read it. its okay. 

to cut it short, Lily is a hot fucking mess. 
Jesus, i HATED this character. she was such a freaking brat! 
to cut it eeeeven shorter, Lily (okay basically mega spoilers as to why she's such a B so if ya dont want to know, skip ahead.....) is acting stupid and moody and drinking and smoking because she went to idk, a friends house where she played spin the bottle or something and it landed on this dude she was making eyes with, Peter. so the bet was that if she spun, she had to blow whoever it landed on. 
lucky Peter.
her friends tell her she doesn't need to do it but in her head she wants to show them who the bad b is so she does it. and then Peter snaps a picture of her. and hes been bribing her for a good minute now. so whatever he wants, money, jewelry, whatever, shes been coughing up to keep him from posting that picture (oh what a time and age we live in.) 

so she somehow makes her way in to Lou's home and Lou somehow feels that its her responsibility to protect her and take care of her. so when she has the final straw (because she took random people to her apt and they stole her grandmothers jewelry and hidden stack of $) and kicks her out, Lily is out living on the streets. its then that one of her stepfathers co-workers sees that Peter is bullying Lily and he buys him off for the phone. boom Peter is gone. now this creep sees the picture and basically wants to extort Lily for the phone/picture. he puts her up in a hotel and he uses that and the phone against her basically telling her that she needs to return the...what would you call it, not favor but i guess the "generosity" that he showed her for paying Peter off and giving her somewhere to stay.  
...she freaks out runs away. shes missing for a few days....Sam finally finds her, calls Lou and gets her back. 
up on the roof Lou knows but doesn't pressure her. she tells her her story in hopes that she will talk....and eventually she does. 

so then they come up with this plan that YOU KNOW would never work in the real world and they get the phone back. 

some more blah blah blah. 
Lily meets her grandparents and you'd think she'd get a long with her grandfather more but nope she bonds with Camille more than anyone would have thought. 

and that's it for Lily. 
well, all that ill say. you still gotta read about her hot mess of a mom and how she ends up back to her old life. 


now, for Lou. 
so she falls off her roof, gets saved, starts going to a support group where she meets Sam. 
i wont tell you anything about him-ish cause that was a little baby plot twist that i didn't see coming but i thought was very used very well.  
but long story short yes they do end up together. and i love there little love story. it wasn't easy but I'm so effin happy that she gets to be happy. 

"I tried to show him that he was the answer to a question i hadnt even know i had been asking." 
-Lou page 347

ill skip her whole work drama but i will spoil it and tell you that she ends up getting a job out of London with Nathan (!!!!! I loved Nathan!) 

her sister Treena ends up moving with Thom to her flat in whatever city she lives in so she can have more  opportunities for the both of them. 

her mother basically finds herself in this book and realizes that theres more to life than just being a housewife. if I'm being honest, i didn't like the feminist twist to this. i didn't like that she labeled it feminism. why couldn't it just be about finding herself?
other than that it was pretty funny to see her bond with Maria and the fights with the dad over waxed legs (btw, who waxes their legs? i never have) and hairy armpits and all that were pretty funny and their reconciliation at the end was pretty sweet. 

anyways, that's basically it. 
i guess the big spoiler would be Lily and honestly i didn't know how i felt about her even needing to be created but i guess i can see how it all went together so i guess i liked her a little too. i just need to wait for the paperback so i can go buy it at the dollar book store to have a complete set. 

if ya read all my nonsense, thanks! 
let me know, ill send you a starbucks giftcard as a thanks! lol 

thanks for reading!
happy Friday!!!! <3

ps: when i say blah blah blah i meant it as...i dont want to throw in more spoilers. no way am i saying that there was nothing interesting in between...i just dont want to completely spoil the little things. 

pps: as always, theres still A LOT of stuff i left out. i guess i like to spoil the big things and make ya wonder how they happened! ;) 

ppps: NOW i definitely think there is no need for a book #3 buuuut if she happened to write one out on Lou and Sam and babies and idk wtf else, id read it. (but please leave it like this!) 

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