you, me & other people // fionnuala kearney

published: 2/26/2015   // pages: 346 (e book) 
isbn: 9780007593989
read from: 3/18 to 4/8  2016

march was a slow month for me reading wise
i think i burned myself out and i just needed a break. hence this book taking me this long to read, which it shouldn't have. 

i heard about this book while on goodreads trying to log another book. 
i bought it on my nook since it was only $2. and i can honestly say it was worth the two bucks. 

from amazon

But what happens when you open the door and they won’t stop tumbling out?
For Adam and Beth the first secret wasn’t the last, it was just the beginning.
You think you can imagine the worst thing that could happen to your family, but there are some secrets that change everything.
And then the question is, how can you piece together a future when your past is being rewritten?
I'm not exactly sure what i was expecting the secret to be. 
and then you find out. and its pretty simple. 
and then you get slapped with 4 more and you're like whaaaat the ef. 

basic run down: 
Adam cheats. Beth finds out. their family is torn apart. 

want the details? 


lets make this as short as possible. (ha!) 

Adam and Beth have been married for about 20 something years. 
he has an affair that she finds out about. they manage to make it work if that's what you want to call it but you know its never the same. 

10 years later he cheats again. 
except this time she leaves. 

so that's the secret. he's cheated. T W I C E ! ! ! 
okay that's not thaaat bad (im talking about the secret not the act.) 

the book starts with the second cheating story so i had no idea that was the second cheat....until there is mention of Kiera. 
in the beginning of the book there's talks about driving by with a gift and wanting to get off but never doing it. honestly, it JUST hit me right now why he was driving by. (hey! i started it a while ago and left it alone for a good period of time! don't judge!) 

anyways, the 2nd woman Adam's cheated with is Emma so when Kiera comes along, specially after seeing how broken Beth is, you're thinking holy shiz! (even though Beth knew about Kiera) but its when you find out that Adam has a child with Kiera that you're like holy crap! (the kid Noah, is the second secret.) 
he has an almost 10/11 year old kid with the first woman he cheated on his wife with and hes never told her a thing until he absolutely needed too. 

if Beth thought they were broken before, they're beyond repair now. how do you even think of cheating on your wife,then actually do it and THEN have a freaking kid with another woman while you're married in the first place and then hide said child for years from the woman you are married to while you're supposedly trying to "work it out"?!!?!?!?!
jesus! (did that make sense?) 
its a hot mess.

eventually Adam realizes that he majorly effed up but by then Beth is miss independent and isn't taking any of his crap. 

Noah, Adam & Kiera's kid, has leukemia and a turn for the worse leaves him needing a transplant. so of course they both don't match and their best bet is a sibling. enter Adam & Beth's daughter Meg. so he has to tell her and while she does do what she needs to do, it comes at a price. he eventually tells Beth before Meg does and that's when it seals the deal for her. 
it is over and done. 

from there on, Adam loses his shit, goes crazy (figuratively speaking) checks in to a rehab....checks out, decides that he does indeed love his wife but that means letting go and he ends up moving to NYC (and boy did Beth call that one!) 

Beth finds success in her music writing career, has her own home now and ends up finding someone.

secrets 3 & 4 are 3: his parents death and 4: his brothers truth (i wont give it all away) 


as always, there is A LOT i left out. 

I'm on a slump right now and it sucks cause i have a lot of books to read. 
but anyways, this book was a quick read. several reviews on amazon are kinda over it but i wasn't expecting the world so it was good for me. 
and i wont lie, the secrets kinda got me. i wasn't expecting them. maaaaaybe the parents one but i kiiinda figured that's what was going to happen. 

anyhow, sorry for the meh report. 
ill kick ass in the next one. 


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