finding audrey // sophie kinsella

published: 2015  // pages: 286
isbn: 978-1-101-93125-7
read from: 4/17-23/2016
stars: 2


i HATE rating systems. 
mostly because i cant pick a number to save my life. obviously 1-10 means 1: you hated it 5: meh 10: i loved it. and it sounds SO EASY to pick a number but i cant. it gets me antsy. 
but then i read this book and well, hence my own version of a rating system was born so i guess ill do that from now on. (i guess its just easier for you to see if i love or hate it quicker.)

so let me break it to you. 
1 star: HATED IT. WTF. NO
2 stars: meh. it was okay. i could have lived without it. and
3 stars: LOVED IT!!!!!

this book is a solid 1.9 (but les! you just said you couldnt!...and you're right.) 
let me tell you why... 

the ONLY reason its a 3 for me: it was super funny in a lot of places. Aud's brother Frank was HIGHLARIOUS (Simpsons anyone?) if he had a book on his own, id DEFINITELY read the hell out of it. 

the reason its a 2: uhm. keep reading. 

the reason its a 1: so...lets jump in yea? 

Audrey has this idk, depression disorder and basically it renders her unable to leave her house or see anyone eye to eye so she's always wearing these sunglasses. ALWAYS. only makes eye contact with her little brother. 
basically what happened is, a bunch of little turd heads bullied her and they fucked her up real bad. 
now, you all KNOW i love to give you spoilers and i will BUT not what you're used too. 

i cannot tell you what the ef they did to her because, ready? 
she went through this traumatic experience and we never know wtf it was (i bet you're catching on to how much that ish bugged me.) 
so basically this whole effin book is 3 about things. 
  1. audrey seeing her therapist and building the courage to go out again. and just her therapist in general.
  2. frank being super into LOC (online game) and his mom being an overly gullible woman who believes EVERYTHING she reads in the daily mail so she thinks that frank is basically failing at life and let me tell you this, this woman does not know her son at all. 
  3. frank bringing his friend linus over and of course he happens to be a part of getting aud out into the world. so yes, they end up together. 
and yes there is more in between but like, that's the gist of it. 

want a little more detailed run down? 
...some shit happens, she goes to therapy, mom freaks out over everything, dad doesn't man up, she decides to man up and meet up with the girl who fucked her up and it turns out that shes sorta cured, she goes off her meds, finally takes them again, she goes missing and shes basically gotta start over but with more self control. 

yep that's it. 
that's the shortest I've ever written a blog post description of a book. 

look, i don't hate the book. 
but if I'm being honest, the reason this book was good for me, it was because of frank. 
he was super funny and as much as i hated how much of a nag the mom was, their bits were funny. (the whole computer stuff reminded me of how i want to kick my brothers ass for always being on his.) 
and because i wanted to know wtf happened to aud that fucked her up so bad, i kept reading. 
BUT we never find out. and that really bugged me. 

in all honesty, i picked this book up because I'd seen everyone and their mom read it. 
and because the cover reminded me of Where'd You Go Bernadette (that's 3 stars for SURE!) 


L I B R A R Y ! ! !

so yea. 
have you read it? whatcha think???

thanks for reading!
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ps: sorry for all the cussin. but i should let you know thats nothing. i can probably out curse a sailor but i try to keep it pg for you guys. why? i honestly do not know but well, yea. eep!

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