palm springs // 1 year anniversary

if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen some Palm Springs picture overload but now I'm here to post those and about 20 something other pictures i haven't posted. 

G U Y S !!!!!
PS is the city version of the color of my dreams (did that make sense?). i cant believe this is my first time in 28 years....but i mean technically 7 since, what the heck could i do there at 19 or 20?
if you follow either kelly, or jeff, or even elsie, you can clearly see how much they LOVE PS. Specially the Saguaro and i definitely now know why. 

Kel and Jeff are there almost always so my love for the colorful Saguaro hotel has definitely stemmed from them. nothing but all of the colors oasis. 

i have been BEGGING my bf to go with me to the saguaro buuut he was very hesitant and then when i suggested we should go for a quick getaway for our anniversary, he surprised me by booking the saugaro. (he does listen!)

i don't know PS very well, so i cant really say whats in the area but when you get off the freeway, you pass the colorful brick wall and so of course you stop to take a picture. 
in the middle of the road. 
luckily there is a middle lane you can stop in and not a lot of traffic. 

in the pool area, they have a hammock area that are under sprinklers to keep you cool and to just hang out. this was very refreshing when at 11 am, it was already 107 degrees outside.
these tables and chairs! i want them all!!!!!!!!!

we arrived, checked in, i died of a color overdose and went to color heaven!!!! <3 <3 <3
all. of. the colors. 
the one thing i regret not doing is going to the "color" towers (the entrance building to your room. ours was pink) and taking pictures of them like J&K.
but the pink one above is where we were staying and the side you got to see going back in from the pool. 

guys!, i love the place for the atmosphere and the colors and the vibes! BUT, the rooms (at least where we stayed) left me wanting a little bit more. 
yes the rug was purple and the walls were red and orange and the bathroom something was yellow but it just left me a little meh. 
thankfully, the outside area made up for it 1000 times over. 
maybe its just the room we had. (and i understand that im not there for the room but i mean, at the rate ($$$) they're going for...well you know, you expect more.)
a view of our room from the entry way. 
i love that they had all these neon cactus's all over the lobby. now that's the kind of plant i wouldn't mind keeping at home.  
i have no idea why the heck im outside in the pool in glasses and not my sunglasses. 
the very, very, VERY cool thing about the saguaro (and the one thing we for once werent prepared with) is that they're very cool with you taking your own alcohol into the pool area. 
im used to vegas banning you from taking alcohol anywhere near but i mean, i guess that makes sense. so yea. we checked in, went straight to the pool, only to go back to the room and get the little of our booze that we had and continued to party at the pool. 

another cool thing is that they keep the pool open until midnight!!!!
in that weather, thats the best news ever. 
we went during the week so it was fairly empty. 
i do know that its more of a party station during the weekends so id think about that if you're planning a trip. 

about 8, we cleaned up and went to go have dinner at lulu's in downtown, delicious. came back and passed out. but not before checking out #thatpinkdoor
living in LA its very hard to look up and see stars unless you are away from the city. 
so when i turned around after finding the pink door, to go back to my car, i looked up and saw this and i kid you not, i had tears in my eyes cause it was soooo freaking beautiful to see all the stars i did see. (all those little white dots are stars but there were a lot more.) 
the view when we arrived
our morning views ;) 

the following morning, we and by we i mean me, had breakfast at El Jefe (a restaurant inside the saguaro) and i had the most delicious omelette EVER!!!!!!
another good thing, is they have happy hour so ya can grab drinks and take em on over to the pool.  

after breakfast, we went to the pool for a bit (we asked for a late check out)
then cleaned up and headed home but not before going back.......
before you hit the pink door, they always have these dudes out with some sort of floaties on their heads. this time, it was crabs. 
i got crabs in PS :'D
and then low and behold, #thatpinkdoor. 
every freaking blogger and human being snaps a picture of this door. so i HAD too as well. 
after that, we headed home and ended up stopping at the palms springs aerial tramway.

if you EVER make it out to PS and have time to do the tram PLEASE DO SO!!!!!!!!!
its sooooo pretty!
we went casually dressed (i was in that black dress and sandals) and we went up and walked around and did a small hike. of course you can go geared up and i believe you can spend the night as well but we didnt plan ahead for it from home and we werent even thinking of going at all (but i made him go) and it was so freaking beautiful. (i do have pics that i need to go through. so ill see if i end up posting those.) 

you pay $25/person, take the tram up and you can stay as late as 9.i believe the last tram down is 9:15pm. 
there are several views up there by where you can eat. there is also a fancy restaurant up there but you need to buy a different ticket to gain access. 
on the floor where you exit, you can walk out the doors and head into the forest. 
you take a walkway down and from there youre free to roam the several hikes they have. 

you should know that when we went to PS it was like 112 outside but up there it was around 80. 
so if you ever go during the "winter" time make sure to take proper clothing to keep warm. 

i DEFINITELY want to go back to PS and explore more and i definitely want to go back on the tram and explore more. it was so freaking beautiful. 

on the way back up we found that giant heart shaped rock and i thought it was so cool cause we usually find small individual ones and this time we found a big one for both of us to hold. 

here's to one year and hopefully many more. 
cant wait to see what year 2 brings!!!!
love ya B!!!

other things to note if youre staying at the saguaro: 
-they offer free rides downtown from 1-9pm 
- wifi is included in your stay
-they also offer bikes that you can use during the day (for free i believe) to wander the town
-will allow at least an hour late checkout
-allow you to bring your own alcohol in the pool area 
-pool area is open from 8am to 12 am. and just random, its 4 ft tall and goes up to 6ft i believe but in the little belly on the side, it goes up to 9ft deep. 
-they provide all sorts of novelty floaties but you can take your own
-they have 2 jacuzzi areas
-they have a lawn with several hammocks and chairs to lounge in
-they have a few picnic tables if ya wana eat down there
-they offer spa services as well as mani/pedis. 
-there's a small shopping store where you can buy novelty things. 

that's all i can think of but if ya have any questions, ask away. 
my next mission is to hit up the Ace hotel and visit The Parker. 

thanks for reading and have a safe holiday weekend. 

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