a party for 3!!!

the very first logo of the blog when i got its first layout done! 


the blog turns three. 
well, actually it turned 3 back on the 10th of last month. and i started writing a post about it and then i fell asleep. 
and then that horrific act of hate happened in Orlando and i felt kind of dumb writing about this little thing when so much more was happening in the world so i let it go. 

i still don't want to make a big deal of it but i just wanted to do a little post cause the blog just got a super simple makeover AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

so i just wanted to announce that. 

in 3 years i haven't really grown this blog much. i have few followers but i have made a couple of friends through ig that follow this little space so I'm thankful for that. 

my goal was never to grow and monetize it but i mean, if it happens i wouldn't be mad. 
this is and always will be a space to find books and book spoilers lol. 
i hate not being able to find spoilers on books. I'm okay with knowing the end while I'm diving in. ...and i get its not every one's thing. 
so for that there's also a bunch of other random stuff. (but i also do note the spoilers so you can skip and just read my thoughts.) 

any who, can we just stop and acknowledge the fact that its freaking July already!? 

not just July BUT the 5th of July. 
where did the time go!? 
we're in the midst of a heatwave in CA (when the hell arent we?) and I'm grateful i get to blow up the ac at work. I'm also grateful that my room keeps hella cool so I'm not melting when I'm home, but when i am, I'm grateful that we have ice-packs that i can wrap in a towel and fall asleep on. (glass half full people!) 

other than that, everything is great. 

hope everyone had a great 4th of July and if youre falling asleep at work like i am at this moment, i hope this week flies by for ya. 

thanks for reading! 
and an even bigger thanks if you've been here for a while ;) 

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