it finally happened. 
not that i was like waiting for it, countdown and all. but still ya know. 
i got in my first car accident yesterday. 
i haven't had a good cry like that in a while. 

when they say it happens in a flash, they really mean it. 

stupid burger place in the corner that causes traffic to leak on to the street that ends up creating even more traffic. 

its funny because i was juuuuuuuust about to pick up my phone while at the stop light but then i said no because it could cause an accident. 
not even 5 seconds later. 
it happened. 

I've been driving for 10 years and yesterday was my first. 
no one was hurt. 
the person i hit, a guy, was so nice and I'm so thankful for that. 
absolutely NOTHING happened to his car. however mine, i don't know. i guess wells see. 
not sure. they said it looks like it can be fixed but i don't know. then again I'm not a car repair man person. 

crying so hard the cop told me to calm down. 
how often does that happen?
my sister took me to get ice cream (hence the picture) afterwards to cheer me up. 
she ordered a berries ice cream minus the blueberries and that set off another set of fresh tears. 
"its okay. you're in shock." she says which made me laugh cry even more. 
cause when it comes to stuff like that, she's very good at it. (saying random shit i mean)


and even though that happened, it still wasn't a bad Thursday. 
it was still an okay day. it takes a lot more than that to knock me down. 

and then today after i get to work from picking up the rental i get a call from my sister. 
"when i left the house, was i wearing any shoes?" 
that's what you get for rushing me in the morning. 
its a good thing she only went to the beach. lulz


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  1. I am so glad your okay! That seems so scary. Also love the new blog layout!


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