Snapshot Sunday // 9

i get to work to this baby pumpkin / orange. 
oh the things Monique leaves me!
(on the back it said Leslie Eat Me! so Connor kept telling all the guys at work to read what it said out loud to me! ._.)
i don't know whats been up with me and eating lately but I'm hardly hungry and if i eat it's cause I'm making myself. 
Saturday, i worked all day from 8am-9pm and i wasn't hungry at all but i stopped by pho real quick to get some spring rolls! SO GOOD!
(and how funny that i would say that because the first time i ever had pho, i ordered these and i hated them. just goes to show, there could possibly be about a trillion pho's out there but they aren't the same!) 
organized chaos payroll mess at work. 
and yes, im still in february. 
love love love!
im loosing the one window in my room that brings me in all sorts of light! :(
i mean seriously! <3
it wasn't until i started doing my hw that i realized i had a purple phase going on
reading on my sisters tablet on national book day. it still counts! (almost done!) 
oh beautiful rain! we finally got some more. now if it could only come back and stick around some more!
i don't do coldstones very often but when i do, its ALWAYS birthday cake remix! nom nom noms!

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