Snapshot Sunday // 12

hey guys!
how was your weekend? 
after my Thursday, my weekend was the best! and i didn't even do much. looove it!

flowers in my moms "garden"
<3 <3 <3
hes SO cute when hes calm and quiet!
i LOVE when she lets me mess with her! i cant believe she lasted long enough for me to take several pictures of her! <3
we are almost 4 months in in to the "new year" (im over it, its not so new anymore) and i FINALLY went hiking. solo trip to turnbull canyon as always. love that the tower always has new stuff when i get up there. 
a) loving my new hair. specially this day. looks oily but its actually not. 
b) white gel nails. FINALLY!!!
c) i 100% this case is a jinx. this was on my phone the first time it broke (when it landed on concrete) and it was on my phone the SECOND time it broke. in my purse. i ordered a new phone and now the case is hanging up on my wall. there's NO WAY in hell that im putting this on my new phone. 
loving the sunsets! <3
drinks with moni! <3
we hit up my friend Nelson's house after saddle ranch. i dont know why but i wanted to do a handstand. after being up for -2 seconds, i fell over and i found this human sized slinky. it looks like a little regular sized one but nope! i can fully fit (although i have yet to try) Chester in there!!! eeekk!!!
sooo itty bitty! cutest thing ever!!!!

kk, i have to study for a test tuesday (helloooo spring break next week!) and im not even guna lie, probably binge watch broad city and/or Cheers. I LOVE YOU HULU!!!

have a good weekend guys! <3


  1. Great pics! Those flowers are beautiful and your dogs are adorable!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. thank you! ill make sure to tell my mom. she'll be very happy to hear that! (:
      and thank! i loooove my little devils! theyre soooo adorable when theyre calm and quiet :)


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