Hello Beautiful Wednesday // Snaps

I'm sitting at work with a huge smile on my face because:
a) even though nothing monumental has happened, its still a great day.
b) Crissy re-did my blog and i am IN LOVE with how it looks and 
c) since I'm not working on my computer but on paper today (billing is due soon!) my computer is just there with the backgrounds changing and i thought id share the pictures with you. 

i have posted these before. some old and some new, but i still wanted to share because i LOVE them sooo much. 
stop and think about it, isn't photography the best! <3 

palos verde (over looking all of LA and Santa Monica and more!)
sunset at six flags
i went snowboarding for the first time ever! in 2013. i spent like 90% of the time on my ass and knees because i could not manage to stay up at all! but when that rush of adrenaline hit, man was i hauling ass for those 10 seconds.
i call this the Harry Potter lamp. 
i dont know about you but i LOVE freeways. specially the way they cross each other. 
one day youre at the beach running and its all gloomy and the next its clear and beautiful. gotta love California
DTLA at night
...and then during the day
sunsets coming home from Vegas
several from Big Sur because i loved that place so!
(post 1 // 2 // 3)
birthday views <3
cloudy rainy days.

have a wonderful day and great rest of your week! <3

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