Snapshot Sunday 10 // 11

this is what happens when you skip a week. a butt load of pictures!

love catching the sunset from my house. 
the funny thing is, when i took this picture, i was trying to get a picture of the hippo jumper across the street. this is better. 
loving all these shots
a coworker of mine left and she gave us all a tulip. 
it lasted about a day. 
I'm thisclose to winning a butt load of cash or a tesla. ill take the cash thanks!
im also watching Superbad while trying to make some free money!
bought myself a fitbit!!!! :D 
killer. the way he stretches makes me laugh SO hard!
Mon bought me M&M's and then i proceeded to make it rain all over the floor! ._.
finally got a haircut!!!
a grown up haircut! those haircuts that cost about $100. but it was a gift so haaay!
this months ABM happy mail!!! ahhh! ive already written the ones im going to send out. just needa photograph em out and ill send em on their way!
babes! <3
have you ever found a pen you just click with? you love the way they write no matter what! or where!
these are it for me!!! my coworker got em for me!
i find it so funny that they're wolfgang puck pens and that bic makes them haha. 
i texted her as soon as mine died and told her to stop the presses and get me more. she got me a handful! im a happy camper!!!
Hollywood roaming. im also very happy that these shoes are still clean! 
this past Wednesday we switched it up and hit up Hollywood for drinks. 
it was so much fun! those drinks were SO yummy and only $5! cant beat that. 
and of course i had to decorate the receipt while they were waiting to pay for their tab. 
(and yes, those $20 include a nice tip! my bill was pretty low. i HATE when people dont tip!) 
pretty pretty flowers
we made it to Anarchy Library for St. Patty's day right at midnight. meaning 3/18 ._. 
homegirl fell asleep on me. she called me when i was buying stuff to make a sandwhich. talk about a cockblock. 

thanks for reading!
have a fantabulous week!!! 
hugs and a bunch of keesies

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