2015 reading challenge complete!

hi guys!

i just wanted to stop by and do a quick post about my goodreads challenge. 
every year at the beginning of the year they let you set up a goal for how many books you'd like to read within a year. this might be my 2 or 3rd year joining however, it is the first time i complete the challenge and im super excited about it!
SO excited i wanted to do a little recap post. 

i set the goal for only 15 books because mathematically, i KNOW i can do 1 book a month (thats only 12 though, les!..i know) AND if i love a book SO MUCH that i finish it in a day (which i do! not as often but still!) then i can squeeze in about 3 more. 

i didnt want to go bananas and do a 50 book goal because at the beginning of the year, i was working 2 jobs and school and i felt like i was drowning so i didnt want to over do it. but it picked up towards the end. specially since i didnt take classes this semester and since i also had the summer break. aaaand it also helps that some books were good. the very good thing about this also is that its only (already) September so im excited to see how many more i can add and work with that as my goal for 2016. 

so, ready for a quick recap? 

i think because its still fresh my feelings on it havent really changed. but still! want to start your own bidness or already do? this is for you!

still love it! this is one of those books i finished in a day! 

still a joke in my thoughts! super quick funny read. 

12. Wild
im still in love with this book! and i love that i stumble upon Cheryl Strayed quotes and i know what shes talking about. love these kinds of stories. 

still feel meh about this book. everything that happened here could have been on book 1. this is also my plea that there wont be a book 3. 

my feelings have nooooot changed and they will not. i did not care about the book. it was too i duno. but i still want to watch the movie. 

uhm. hmm.  read my review. im still on the same boat. i liked the book but i still stand by the whole "the movie was better" i still feel it dragged on a lot of parts and i cant believe im about to say this but, watch the movie and save some time. 

compared to Gone Girl, still my favorite book. prefer it over GG. i definitely see the resemblance but i prefer this one better. waaaay better. one of my faves for sure so far this year.                                              

feelings are still the same. im not all about the hype around this book but it did touch some spots. damn relationships! >:o

i LOVE jill mansell. ive read a butt load of her books and i have one pending to be read right now and while i have horrible memory and forget just about everything! i still love this book! 

LOVED this book. loved, loved, looooved. pick it up and read it! do it!!!

i liked it but UGH! i think im just frustrated that they ya know, dont want to spoil it again. but yea! aaahhh!!!

talk about leaving me all over the place. i didnt hate it. i didnt love it but i didnt hate it!

whats up with all these teens and babies and trips!? im a 27 year old and i cant even take a local California trip just for shits and giggles. lol. sorry. i had too. but uhm yea. it was cool i guess. 

didnt care for it then and i still dont. 

you know what i just learned? 
that these books were kinda meh. more meh than ahh!, i love it. the funny thing is, theyre only meh to me now that im looking back and at the moment they werent that bad. how weird. 

also, i read Uganda Be Kidding Me and Dont Lick The Minivan which puts me at "i hit 15 books a lot sooner than i realized" but i didn't log the dates in soo, my bad. 

aaaanyways!, i know most of the books were meh BUT i will take those books, ALL OF THEM! 15 times over before anyone tries to make me re-read The One And Only by emily Giffin or finish it for that matter. 
OMG! that book was just NO NO NO!
how are you going to hook up with your best friends, basically your sister!, father!? the dude calls you Girl! you grew up with him. i don't know its just a weird factor! and to top it off, HIS WIFE JUST DIED!!!!! i just couldn't finish that one. 
this one and How To Be A Woman. that book was just ugh. im sorry but if feminism is how she talks about it then NO WAY.  UGH!!!!

anyways, yea. if you're still here after this post then yaaay! (and thank you!) 

are you on good reads?
lets follow each other! i need new books to read! (i think this is the link..iduno) 

have a great month of October! (: 


  1. Congrats on finishing your goal! I set out a 20 book reading goal and i'm not even close yet haha. It doesn't help that the book im currently trying to read isn't so great. I've seen some others goodreads reading goals with like 150 books and they're close to finishing!! I'm like what!? haha I can't even make it to 20!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. i read something on elise's blog that said something along the lines of... "time is to short to waste it on a book that you dont love."
      i used to be like that! i would stick it out until the end no matter what but when i read that i was like wooah!!! so true.
      i actually just gave up on one because i couldnt even though i kept hearing it was good.
      put it down and move on!!!

      i would LOVE to do 150 books! but jeeesh! i dont even know how that would work. thats 12.5 books a month. which means 3 books a WEEK! eeek!
      i also feel like they arent realistic. like youre just trying to knock them down so i feel like maybe they dont fully fall in love with the book. but to each their own and im secretly jealous.
      i think it helps that i always close at my second job and on super slow days i can just read and knock them down . so thats a bonus for me!

  2. That's a great challenge! I used to read regularly and I haven't read a single book in years. I've listened to some audio books but it's not the same lol I'm going to have to read some of these! I think I'll start with #GIRLBOSS :D

    1. ive done a few audio books but theyre expensive! for that price id rather buy the book.
      i have done 1 audio book though and i loved it.
      amazon does this $9.99 a month service where you can read/or be read any book.
      id love to audio the aziz one because ive started reading it but i cant seem to finish it.

      start with #girlboss since youre running your own business!


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