last light // Dean Koontz

released 2015
read from 10/10-11/2015 
ebook isbn: 9780804181167 // 90 pages

ahhh! i LOVE this man!!!
gotta say, im still in love with my nook and these little novellas are one of the reasons why!

soo, this novella is just a random little story that will have a 2nd part released on 10/27/2015. but im starting to wonder what it could be about since it was resolved in this one. 

so, this book, its based on Makani. a young native Hawaiian living in CA who has some sort of supernatural power. (DK has this amazing writing style that doesn' it could even possibly come to light!?) 

she has the power that when she touches another person, she can see their dark/darkest secrets. that's why she left her home at the age of 20 (i think it was.) 
so shes surfing one day when she notices a guy watching her. 
she gets out, he walks up to her, he "hits" on her and they meet up to go eat. 
thats when she discovers that he also has the same power as her. except that this dude is a crazy mass murderer. he's hired for murder. of course she sees it and he basically tells her that hes out to get her because its a fascination of his to "conquer" her. it has been since she was 16. 

long story short (how much shorter than 90 pages can you get? ...well...), he goes after her and it does not end well for one of them. 
i will say this, i kinda read super fast over the whole set up and i missed how it all happened so when i reread that paragraph it made a whole lot more sense. because of the way he ended the story, im really interested to see what he brings back in the second novella. all i can say is, im glad Bob is still alive! :)

i dont want to completely spoil it in case you want a really quick read. 
i will say this though, its crazy how times have changed. that little sentence about Uber, i was like wooah! but i mean, woah. these are the new times. i cant even imagine what it would have felt like to know that i'd be reading that xx amount of years after high school. 

anyways, do you like dean koontz? 
i LOVE that man. 
and for the record, im a H U G E chicken when it comes to scary stuff. like i mean i get scared easily. so just reading certain bits and pieces of this, i was all scared ._.
yea yea, make fun. 

thanks for reading! 

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