gilmore guys! and then some....

i think I'm getting out of my blogging fuuuunk! 
but let's be honest, i think its just the news that Gilmore Girls is coming back to netflix for 4 90 episodes that has me jumping left and right and up and down!
oh you didnt know!?

GUYS! im a H U G E Gilmore Girls lover! 
i have loved that show since it first came out on the WB (talk about throwback) and i have to say its in my top 3. i will love this show for forever and i love love LOVE to re-watch it. specially now that its on Netflix.
im currently re-watching it again for the 3rd or 5th time? iduno. i know the last time i watched it, i finished it on its 14th year anniversary. 

this year, im re-watching it because of the Gilmore Guys podcast!
im not a huge podcast person. this is actually the ONLY podcast that i listen too. my boyfriend listens to podcasts to go to sleep so ill listen to several then but other than that im strictly a "gillie." i don't even know where i came upon it, maybe from Sarah's blog, so when i saw that she caught the Gilmore Guys live show i was like (as Kevin would say) "oh shiiit!" 
i was bummed because they had been in LA a few weeks earlier so i thought i had missed them for sure but low and behold!, they film an episode out here in LA once a month!!!! ahhh!!!

so of course, i went on to their instagram and turned on the notifications and got a notification for their last LA show. because i didn't know where to purchase the ticket i missed out on it but luckily, i met a lovely young lady (on instagram!!!) who had purchased two tickets and she agreed to sell me one! 
thanks to her i was able to catch these dudes live and !!!!! with special guest Doug Benson, who as it turns out is also a big Gillie!
the episode i attended was 513 A Vow Renewal Celebration. (there was SO much i had forgotten!!!!) 

guys! if you've never seen Gilmore Girls!, watch it! 
BINGE watch it. 
fall in love and thank me later. 
im currently watching an episode and then listening to the corresponding podcast. 
i lasted a good while but then id watch 2-3 episodes at home and then listen to the podcast at work. 

but anyways, enough blabber here's a few crappy pictures. 
its a very small venue but i was in the back in the middle so i'd have no one in front of me. 
Demi and Doug making fun of Kevin for his comments on some website about this show. specifically this episode. comments from when this episode aired back in the 2000's

afterwards, they had a Q & A and i was able to ask, well try to ask em why they were team Logan vs Jess (Im team Jess ALL THE WAYYY!!!!) 
i wasnt able to get my point across cause Kevin kinda just blew it off but meh. i will say this though, Kevin is a cuuuutieee!!!! haha. 

im excited to catch them again in November!
if theyre in your area and youre a fan of them, go ahead and catch them. ya wont regret it.

thanks for stopping bye. 
have a great rest of your weekend. 

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  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you had a good time! I hope they come back to the east coast soon so I can see them again!



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