humans of new york stories // brandon stanton

read: 10/14-23/2015
published 2015
isbn: 978-1-250-05890-4 // 432 pages

the last time i did the HONY post i posted all of my favorite ones aaaand then, then i accidentally deleted a folder that deleted a lot of my old post pictures. 
so ill save you and i the heartache this time around and just not do it. 

what i will say though is, GO BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was such a beautiful read for its photography and its stories but the one thing i LOVED the most about it is the juxtaposition (oh how i love that word!) of the stories. 
on one hand you have someone saying they hate God for how they turned out and in the next you have someone saying they love God because of the positive output they now have on life based on what happened. from those who are against having kids to those who cant imagine life without their kids after thinking they were anti kids. 

i love Brandon's work and i will definitely purchase whatever he puts out.
this is so good, good, good, good, GOOD. 

i will say though, if you follow him on instagram, a lot of his posts show up on the book a lot in the beginning and then through out but it in no way takes away from the book. 
purchase this book! 
you will not regret it!

thanks for stopping by (: 
have a great rest of your week. 

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  1. I love Humans of New York! I always visit their fb page and instagram to get updated. There are lots of lessons to learn :)

    - Joyce |


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