monsters: a love story // liz kay

published: 2016
isbn: 978-1-10198-247-1
pages: 357
read from: 9/28 to 10/4/2016
rating: 1) didn't care for it 2) LIKED IT 3) loved it.


This is the story of Stacey Lane, recently widowed poet and certified mess, and unbelievably sexy Hollywood star Tommy DeMarco. Tommy’s passion for Stacey’s novel-in-verse (a feminist reimagining of Frankenstein, no less) will set their lives on a collision course as they go about making the book into a movie, making each other crazy, and making love—but only in secret. Fueled by desire, love, grief, the expectations of gender, parenthood, and expertly poured cocktails, Monsters: A Love Story is a witty portrait of a relationship gone off the rails and two people who are made for each other—even if they’re not so sure they see it that way.


Stacey's poetry book gets picked up by Tommy and he is interested in turning it into a movie. so he flies her out to work on it in the Caribbean or something and in turn they start a "romantic" relationship. 8 months after her husband passed away (not that I'm judging her. because I'm not.
so he flies her in and out to work on the movie and all the while they hook up. 
he's known to be a total player so she knows that she's just hooking up with him for fun but the entire time he's basically in love with her so they go back and forth the entire book until the end when he wins an Oscar for best actor and she smooches him in front of the entire world (ironic cause she cant stand crowds.) 
they eventually end up together after all this turmoil. 

but just so you know, as short as that was, im leaving out Phil, and Saddie and a bunch of other stuff!!!


just thoughts on the book itself

i liked this book. 
its a super quick read but i think i was just burned out from this last library rush that i needed to cool down a bit. 
thanks, instagram! i found this book falling down a #bookstagram search. 

I'm trying to find a way to write this out buuut....

from the get go i was all for this "hidden" romance. i loved that she knew that he was just a hook up and she wasn't making more of it than she needed to. and even when she got mad, she just sucked it up. 
you kinda know right away what the premise of this is. kinda like young adult but the grown up version. 

i have no thoughts against her kids but at the beginning i was like whyy!!!? why do they exist!? let her live her life. i wanted her to just do her. but i mean, it ends up working out in the end so i guess. 
i just wanted her to live this c'est la vie kind of life after her husbands death. 

there's a scene where shes talking about her marriage and i get the sense that she wasn't as happy as she seemed to be with Michael. she talks about the moment before he passes away and how he just brushed her off and you can kind of tell that as much as she is her own person, she wants someone to be there even though she wants to be her own person. and there's another scene where she wishes Tommy was like Michael so it's all over the place. 
i think for me, the ending of the book is kind of what she was always searching for
(then again, that's just my interpretation) it just took a little bit of trial and error in life to get there.  

overall, it was a fun quick read, i liked to story line. 

as always, ill leave you with some quotes.

"you gotta walk through the pain sometime , and you may as well do it now, or when you wake up, it'll just be sitting there waiting for you." 
-Tommy pg 34

"how can you be so stupid when you're so fucking smart?" 
- Tommy pg 344

thanks for reading!
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who's watching This Is Us on NBS (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!) anyway, if i had to picture Tommy being played in real life, i can totally picture Kevin playing him!!!
but also, watch it.  so good! (so far!)


  1. I keep seeing all your book reviews and I feel inadequate, I haven't read a book start to finish since June! Ahhhhh, I need to jump back in. Also, love the reviews keep them coming.

    1. haha! thanks! but in your defense youve been busy traveling all over the place. and while i love reading, id rather be going on these carlee's adventures!!! haha.
      but thanks! :) i just got another batch from the library. and i bought like 7 ebooks. i need reading rehab! lol


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