seven magic mountains 10.14.16

S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89054, USA
we went to Vegas for my sisters 21st birthday. 
we were only going for one day so we took our own car and made a couple of stops. 
(ended up staying the whole weekend -.-) 

FIRST! we FINALLY went to Peggy Sues. 
I'm 28 years old, I've been to Vegas plenty of times and I've ALWAYS wanted to stop there but never did til this time. 
its sooo cute on the inside. 
all old school....50's style. 
i walked in and thought it was just the counter area and then a smaaaalll little area with very few tables. 
i was like "damn!" BUT this place is actually pretty huge. 
just follow the yellow brick road. 
all i had was a turkey samich...i forgot what it was called. 
it was pretty basic but it was good. it came with a side of clam chowder so i was pretty happy about that. 

afterwards, we stopped by seven magic mountains
this installation has been going on since May and we finally made it out there. 
i read somewhere that it was around 30k to make this and after being there in person and seeing the "how it was made" video, i could see why, if it was. 

its 15 minutes before you hit Vegas and you gotta get off the freeway and take a side road which leads you back to the freeway. 
they are so freaking tall!!! and so colorful!!!!
it was sooo windy when we got there. (that picture with my hair up shows it. the last picture shows it!) but it was soo cool. 
there were people but it wasn't crazy packed. 
thanks to the wind i was able to snap a few pictures. 

glad to have this checked off! 

thanks for reading!

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