roadtrip: utah // watchmans trail

Zion National Park, Utah 84737, USA
a lot of these pictures are repetitive but i cant just pick one! i cant. i love them all no matter how similar they may look. that and this is my blog so i can post as i please! so :P (but legit thanks for viewing along!) 

after we got settled in, we decided to go for a quick hike. 
now, i know that the time change and all makes it dark at like 1pm but woooah! 
we drove in like at 345 almost 4 and asked the guide where we should hike. he looked at his watch and said "at this time?" 
he then directed us to watchman's trail. after some searching we quickly found it and went on our way. 

guys! this was some seriously beautiful scenery!!!
we managed to hike so high up but we didn't complete it because darkness! 
I'm a big wuss, I've heard stories of people getting stranded and i don't want to be one of those people so once the sun was setting down i was done. 

right behind us was another couple and while we were done, they kept going. 
i wonder what happened to them because it was hella dark when we finally made it back to our parking spot and it didn't look like they were hiking prepared cause all she had was a camera and he had half of a water bottle. no backpacks. but then on the way down after a mild panic attack about possibly going the wrong way we saw 2 other dudes getting ready to start their hike...

anyways, here's a lot of pictures! (: 

i feel like i photoshopped myself in these pictures. 
i used a selfie stick for these pictures and i was mind blown! id never used on before and i was amazed. it doesn't take much to amuse me. 
man i love my camera!
have you ANY idea how often i have tried and failed to capture the moon? 
this was on total accident. 
love it!

up next: Angels Landing. 

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