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sometime at the end of October i took my cousins to go see the neighbourhood because that's their favorite band and because i love them too!!!! (proof here, here and here
that night i also learned I'm TOO old for that general admission shiz. 
so while i left them to basically get trampled in the front, i went all the way to the side and read (yes i read at the concert. also, see why e-readers are the shit!) until they came on stage (cause the opening bands..meh.) 
as always some crappy pictures (remember i was to the side in the back so considering these are zoomed in, they're not that bad!) 

i have been listening to their album Wiped Out on REPEAT!!!!!
i didn't buy the cd (yes i still buy cd's and YES i buy all my music!) until a couple of days before our trip. so i had the cd waiting for me when i got home and because amazon rocks, with the purchase i got the MP3 version as well so i listened to it plenty on my trip. 
since then, i have listened to this cd a hundred times. 
seriously on repeat. 
so good! 

ill be catching them Feb 7 out here in Santa Ana. 
i know i said i was too old for ga but for these dudes, ill suck it up. 

anyways, go give it a listen on spotify! and then buy it. 
cause that's what i did. 
cause i like knowing what I'm paying for (hint hint Adele. also one  of the most depressing albums ever!)

happy Monday! <3

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