roadtrip: utah // angels landing

angels landing. 
i saw a video, THIS video, for Angels landing about a year or so ago. 
and when i saw it i said to myself that I'd one day do this hike. 
no if's and's or buts. 
so that day came. 
and holy crap was i nervous. 

i don't know why the morning we had breakfast and got ready to go. to get to this hike you go in to the park and its on your left hand side (well, the way we went in) its a small entrance and there is a sign but if you don't know what you're looking for then you will miss it. we did and i was secretly excited that we did in the hopes that we'd skip the hike all together.
anyways, i was nervous as shit. however, the hike itself is not bad. its a nice hike up to the main point. i wont ever forget it just like i think ill never go back up. not all the way anyways.

as always. a lot of pictures.  
the hike itself up to this point is not bad at all but because I've literally hiked under 10 times this year and haven't worked out in forever, it kinda kicked my ass but i still did it! 
from this point on, its time for the chains. i told b i'd do it up to this point but i pushed it a little bit more. 
i did 4.5/5 miles. im counting that as a win. 
from this point i couldn't do it anymore. 
i got a severe case of vertigo. if you saw the video, 11 seconds in, there's a tree that they're holding on to. i hugged that tree for at least 20 minutes while B went up to hike some more. 
the chains end right where I'm taking this pictures and then continue where that lady is standing at. (why couldnt they continue the chains!!!???? if they were there i know i would have gone up! :( )
i could not work up the courage to get myself up there. i tried so hard, B came back down to help me but i just couldn't do it. i could not phantom how people could get up there without any help. every time a group would go up id talk myself in to going up but i couldn't. as soon as id let go of the tree, id freeze. my legs were stuck and i couldn't move. 

then, then there was a lady who went up, no shoes and a kid. and then there was a pregnant lady who went up. and before they passed me i told myself that id go up that damn thing if they kept going past me. 
they got up to me and they passed me. 
so i went. 
not even 5 steps in and i couldn't. i instantly dropped to the floor out of fear. 
luckily this couple was coming down so the lady helped me get down. and while she was helping me down, B was already on his way down as well. 

this hike was amazing and beautiful. 
I'm glad that i did it but i wont ever go up to that point again. I'll stay at the bottom before the chains start.

Angels Landing, you were insanely beautiful and i loved every bit of you but i respect you and i respect the fear so thank you for what you gave me. i ask for nothing more.  <3

after this we went to the narrows and that's the last of my posts :( 
I'm even more sad now since they're ending a second time for me. 
thanks for reading. 

up next: the narrows

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