roadtrip: arizona // horseshoe bend

this is probably the smallest post of this whole trip. 

after we left Eric's house on Wednesday, we left for Horseshoe Bend which was about 2 hours away. 
this was our last day in Arizona and from there we headed to Utah. 
we did stay in the area for the night. however, its definitely a one stop then go kind of place. we didn't do anything else in the area so we could have left right after.

this place is awesooome!!!!
we went around 2 i believe and because the sun was out and bright, it was kind of hard to grab a decent picture. 
you need to be there before the sun is fully out to take a nice picture. 

there is a teeny tiny little hike to get here that left me out of breath but once you get to the top....all of the heart eye emojis.
i also learned that i am DEATHLY terrified of natural heights. it's crazy how quickly it took my breath away. both from beauty and fear. 

 it wasn't until this other couple went and to see it from the very edge, they laid on the ground on their stomach. it wasn't until i saw them do that that it went "ding" in my head to do the same.  
amazing what a clear head can let you think. lol 

you wouldn't know it, but for the picture above to happen, it took him 20 minutes to turn me around. 
i was that afraid! eeek. 

this is all for Arizona! 
up next is Utah!!! well Zion National Park.
(sorry once again for the millions of pictures but thank you if you're still here!) 


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