roadtrip: utah // the narrows

this is it guys. thanks for sticking through with me! 
we made it all the way to the end!!! (mostly I'm hella proud of myself because i actually posted all these pictures.)
so, the ONLY thing i cared to do in Utah (even though Angels landing was a must in my book) was to do The Narrows.
my friend Janet went back during the summer and her pictures were AMAZING. then another friend of mine, Jeff, went and i saw his pictures and i was like I HAVE to go!
so here i am.
except it was really cold so we didn't go all the way in cause you know, it was cold but we did walk on the side of the river and it was beautiful! <3

you can rent (where idk) clothes like fishermen looking clothes so you can go in and not freeze but we didn't know where to go and well B was hungry so he was cranky so there was no way. and it was already getting dark at like 3pm. being stuck in there is not on my to do list.
this is my moms favorite picture actually! 
who can photoshop it or whatever and make it pop! i'd love to gift it to her. 
this was as far as we could go in to the narrows without actually going in to the water. ...which we would have had it not been cold. and had B not been starving. 
i definitely want to go back and go in because its so beautiful (from the pictures i have seen) maybe ill take my mom and the kids sometime next summer. i know they'd love it. 
the pictures below were taking outside my window as we were driving away. probably not the best but I LOVE how they came out given that i wasn't really trying!

goodbye Utah (ZION) you were the best!
this trip was amazing and i cannot wait to go back for another another state of course

thanks for reading! <3

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