roadtrip: arizona // midgley bridge

after Jerome, we headed over to Midgley Bridge (Bridgley) in Sedona and insert about 1000 heart eyes emojis. 

we thought snow was coming down in Jerome...that was nothing compared to this part of the trip. 
it was sooo beautiful i cant even begin to try to describe it. 

once we made it up there and parked, we walked down to the small hiking trail they have that leads to an amazing view. 
this part of the trip was F R E E Z I N G!
i was wearing a hat, 3 sweaters, my jeans and my converse and i had forgotten my gloves so i was freeezing! but guys, i cant even believe how beautiful it was to see all this. 
by this time the snow was coming down and it was coming at me at a nice pace. (see video here

ill just leave you here with a ton of pictures cause there's nothing more that i can say that i already haven't about 100 times. 

i checked the weather before we left and we weren't supposed to get snow or rain until Tuesday. 
for some reason though, we got snow and rain on Monday and that was the only day that it snowed. 
i cant even believe how beautiful it was and I'm so thankful that we were able to walk/ hike all this during the snow! 
we went back to Sedona the very next day with Eric & Alyssa and it was ridiculously clear so we could see everything that we couldn't see clearly on Monday. 

i am so honestly grateful and thankful that i was able to see all this in the snow. i know i have said it before and you probably want to choke me for saying it again but gah! it was sooo beautiful! i cant even believe i was lucky enough to experience this amazing sight. 
i just googled pictures during the summer and man, i feel like i really lucked out. 

up next: around sedona

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