roadtrip: utah // the drive in

i made it a mission to take a picture of all the state signs. well, the 2. i caught Arizona and B caught this one. which I'm surprised cause i thought that as passenger id be the one to catch it but we were both drivers when we saw them. 

anyways, after we left Horshoe Bend we headed towards Utah to get to Zion National Park. 

-it cost $30 to get in to the park with your car but the pass is good for up to 7 days 
-if you are coming from AZ like we did, you have to pay because your hotel will be at the other end. (so I'm assuming if you're coming from LA then you wont have to go through) 
-it cost $15/person if you just want to walk in or bike in but its also good for 7 days. 
-all the money is used towards the park so don't feel ahhh! about spending $30 
-during summer, most hotels i believe, have a shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel so you'd only have to spend the $15. that i am aware, most (if not all) hikes have shuttle stops so your good. (specially if you have no idea where you're going. raises hand!)

I'm so mad that on the drive from AZ to Zion we didn't stop to take pictures. 
on the way there, on the side of the road were beautiful trees just blanketed in snow and it looked just like the snow on A Nightmare before Xmas. all nice and fluffy and fake. 
but anyways, as always, here are about 100 pictures. these were all taken from the very first drive in to the park (out of order.) 
im so thankful B drove in so i could snap away. 

 if i remember correctly, i think there are 2 tunnels. a small one and a long one. 
idk if thats true (horrible memory) but i love this shot. 
its amazing how we were able to see so many creatures in their habitat without being afraid and running away. 

my boyfriend has luck that every time he goes hiking out by where he lives, he sees all these big horned sheep. so on the drive in, i managed to spot this one. by the pictures above you cant tell, but this sucker was waaaay up on the mountain. way up. you have to hike up to get a good picture up. 
so of course B ran up there and i was wearing sandals so i stayed behind. i took a couple of zoomed in pictures. while i was in the trunk looking for my shoes B was up there snapping away. i was wearing this yellow puffy vest and on the right side, i had stuffed my keys, then my instax camera. after i was done going crazy looking for shoes, i turn around and i see this fool running down the mountain and i got so scared thinking it was going to come at me so i slammed the trunk, i run to get in my car which of course had locked (i was ready to jump on to the hood) and I'm struggling like a mad woman to get my keys out without dropping my camera. i was laughing so hard when i got in the car. apparently B yelled at me to get in the car but in my panic i couldn't hear him. oh man. the BHS just crossed the street and went on its merry way. 
my shoes were in the back seat ._.
this guy was just posted up on the side of the road contemplating life and what not. 
we were there with him (not a her right?) for a good minute until it decided to move. 

after we drove in, we went to our hotel, checked/settled in and went on our first hike. 

up next: watchman's trail. 

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  1. I always make sure to take photos of every state sign when I pass through a state. I think it should be mandatory haha. Utah looks beautiful and is actually one of the states that I have never been to. Would love to visit someday.


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