hello december!

hi guys!
i know its been a while since I've done one of these posts but I'm back!!!!

last month of 2015!!!!
can you believe that?
i honestly feel like we just started the year not that long ago and here we are, the last 30 days.
i don't know if this is going to be an emotional post yet I'm just writing as i go so bear with me.

this has been a very inneresting year for me but the thing is, i can only remember the big things. i cant remember the little things which kinda sucks.
i started my second job January 20th and i lost track of time because it was work & school or work & work. ....and i ended up telling my second job to shove it a month ago today actually. i quit on Halloween cause i couldn't deal with high school crap. actually no, not couldn't but chose not too. i avoided high school because of that. so its now been an interesting 1st month with weekends back.
my first weekend back, B & I were just sitting in his front yard while i was reading my nook and i kept thinking, "man, its only Saturday, i feel like i should be going back to work tomorrow" and honestly, I'm still getting used to it.
this past Saturday, it wasn't even 5pm and i was already all bundled up warm in bed. i was thinking back how a few months ago i was thinking on a random Saturday off, how amazing it was to just lay in bed for a bit and how weird it would be to be able to do that EVERY Saturday and BOOM! here i am. (what a random rant about wanting to chill on a Saturday lol!)

2015....it was a very interesting year.
i learned some lessons the very hard way.
I've continued going to shows and concerts for 3 years now!
i met my boyfriend and were going to celebrate 6 months this month! :)  and hes the absolute best.
and while i have been happy by myself  (I LOVE DOING EVERYTHING BY MYSELF!)  its been nice to have someone there! and i guess i didn't know or remember how it felt to care so fully for someone because EVERYONE has been telling me that since they've known me, this is the happiest they have ever seen me in a long while and i absolutely love hearing that!!! i love everyone! <3

i finally took a freakin' vacation!!! (posts coming up. get ready for A LOT of pictures!) and it was the best! i was in 3 states in 1 week! me, my car and the boyfriend! :) saw so many new things, new landscapes and i freakin hiked angels landing!!!! google it, ill wait. ......exactly!!!! (okay i did 4.5 of 5 miles cause that vertigo kicked my ass. but. I'm. still. counting. it!)

this month also marks 1 year that i went to Big Sur and if you've been around since then, you know how amazing that trip was to my soul. I'm still thankful to Jonathan for going with me to this day even though we don't really talk anymore. I'll always remember the drive home. thanks J for falling asleep and letting me enjoy my beautiful drive peacefully! <3 
that's is seriously the best thing anyone has ever given me. 

...i feel as if I've talked your ear off so ill just leave it here and ill probably, maybe come back later with a sappier post. 
but know that i have lots of picture posts of my trip coming up!
i cant wait to share!!!

...sorry for all the !!! I'm hopped up on orange juice and well, I'm just extremely happy!

Happy December!!!! 
love you all!

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