road trip: arizona // phoenix & jerome

im excited for the following posts cause im finally going to start posting our trip pictures! eeek!

because of work (he has an awesome job with major vacation hookups!) B has a lot of vacation time that hes been wanting to use before the holidays kicked in. so....after careful consideration, B decided, Arizona and Utah! 
he has a friend who lives out about 20 minutes away from Sedona so we packed our stuff and left early Sunday morning. (now that i think about it, we should have left Friday night! but nooo, we had the see the Roussey/Holms fight.) 

we left around 10 am Sunday and reached Phonix by...i don't even remember. i think maybe 5/6pm. (they're an hour ahead of CA time) 
we stopped by a brewery so B could stock up on some chocolate beer that he likes and we were pretty closed to downtown Phoenix so we stopped by. 
we walked around and ended up at a street fair concert festival for Veterans. it had been raining so there wasn't a lot of people but B was having a good time. 
i had to take several snapchat photos cause i LOVED seeing all the different filters! (even though i ended up using the same one -_-)
it was soo nice to experience some rain! it had been a while. 
after a while we left to his friends house in the middle of nowhere! 
on the drive there it was raining so hard that i was driving in the slow lane going like 30/40mph while all the Arizona natives were hauling right next to me without fear. 

we didn't arrive to his friends house until almost 10pm. because he literally lives in the middle of nowhere, we stayed in for the night and ventured out the next day. 

the next day (Monday) Eric took us up to Jerome
its a really small ghost town with lots of views. 
as we were leaving Eric's house snow started to come down but once we got to Jerome it was coming down on and off. not heavy at all. 
he pulled over at a small parking lot so we could take in the views and just snap pictures. being from California, i have only seen snow once before (in Oregon but i didn't see it snow, it was already on the ground. and then a snowball coming towards my face!) so this was beautiful! B & I were in awe. it was sooo beautiful and we hadn't even seen the best of it yet. 
we were going to keep going up the road but then it started snowing down even more so we just went to Jerome where all the shops and hotels were at. 
its a nice little town and its nice to visit but there is no way in heck that i would EVER stay in any of the haunted hotels. 
I'm such a huge chicken sh*t when it comes to that. 
after we walked around a bit, we hit up a small little museum and walked around inside. 
when we came out the  snow was coming down again and B & I were just in awe. 
i know its kind of meh, but in the picture above, you can see the snowflakes and they were just about the most beautiful thing i had ever seen!!!! they are sooo freakin' beautiful. i was sooo happy!!!! so many little snowflakes all over my hair! i cant even begin to explain to you how happy they made me! <3

after Jerome, we headed to Sedona and the Sliding Rocks and woah. if i thought the snow in Jerome was beautiful, i had no idea what we were really in for.

on Tuesday night, we headed to a couple of bars to get some drinks. everything in AZ (where we were staying) is down by like 4 pm so bar hopping on a Tuesday was interesting. ultimately, we ended back up in Jerome (at like 9pm) we hit up a bar in a hotel and i have NEVER been so scared to go to a bathroom by myself. 
after that, we ended up at Paul & Jerry's Saloon and we all had a blast!

up next: Midgley Bridge & Sedona's Sliding Rock. 

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