roadtrip: arizona // Los Abrigados Resort

these pictures are from when Eric took us to Sedona but took us sightseeing around the area. 
these are from Monday & Tuesday so one day (m) it looks all snowy and cloudy and you can barely see things at time and then the next (t) everything was beautifully clear. 
talk about getting the best of it all!!!

above is the ONLY McDonald's in the world that has its arch painted in turquoise. talk about being pretty kick ass!
you see all that falling snow? eeeek! in love!
the gray house you see above happens to be the home of Lucille Ball! 
how awesome is that. of course its under different ownership (wouldn't a museum have been awesome?) i couldn't get a better angle of it (and you can baaaarely see the beautiful red rocks in the back) but they have a Lucy doll just chillin' in one of the balconies. 
kinda cool but kinda creepy if you were just walking by or something, 
across the street from Lucy's house there is this BEAUTIFUL resort, Los Abrigados, where they have just about the most gorgeous scenery. I'm so glad Eric took us there. 
they have a yard full of games for people to play and what i really loved was the giant chess set they had (set aside was checkers.) the above picture was on Monday and the one below was on Tuesday. 
eric & b left me behind to take long lovely leisurely walks. meanwhile i stayed behind to snap away and the result of that are the load of pictures that follow.     
sorry, i couldn't pick just one. 
i love them all!!!!

up next: sedona


  1. Your roadtrip looks so exciting!I'll be heading out to Tucson in January.

    1. thank you!
      it was soo much fun! were already planning a return trip to explore more.

      hope you have fun!


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