why we broke up // daniel handler

released 2011
isbn: 978-0316127257 // 368 pages (238 ebook) 
read from: a while back to will never know. 

this is the reason why libraries were invented. (not really but god bless America for them!!!! and all other places, countries and what not in the world that have them.) 

i have been wanting to read this book for a good long minute and every time i went to Barnes & Noble, I'd eyeball it but then nothing. 
theeen i bought the new nook and i had a $5 credit that was about to expire and like a maniac i got this book for only $4.99
what is the proper return etiquette on books? 
on e-books? 
i never regret spending $5 on books but eeesh. 

anyways, i started reading this book and right from the get go i was having trouble getting in to it. 
i can honestly say i only know like 4 of the characters and what they're about but from the very first page i had trouble getting in to it.  im about 168 pages in and i STILL have no idea what im reading. 
well i do, but nooo. 

all she does is complain. 
to this day i still have no idea why they broke up. 
i mean every chapter is a little piece of reminder on why they broke up. for example, he didn't like the movies that she took him to so that's why they broke up. 
a pack of sugar? they didn't have the party they intended too or bake with the sugar they stole and so that's why they broke up. 
so, to this day, to that page, I DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY BROKE UP.
i don't know if he cheated or called her another girls name or if anything other than her complaints happened for them to break up. 
i have NO IDEA why they broke up. 

if you know, let me know. 
but if you haven't read this book, don't. 
some people find this beautifully written. 
it was painful for me to read. 
(and i'm sooo sorry because i feel like i sound VERY catty in this post but i'm being honest. this is how i feel.) 
like Elise said "life is too short to read a book you don't like." (or something like that. i cant find the direct quote)

thanks for reading. 


  1. Okay they broke up because they go into the flower shop and the owner asks her if she's Annette, he had flowers with a card on it that said "can't stop thinking about you" blah blah blah long story short, he tells her he never said they could see other people. Even though he told her how much he loved her and how "different" she was. He tells her how at night she would come over and sometimes they would do things as more than just friends. He broke her heart, so all throughout the story she's so pissed writing their fake love story that I guess everything that he did that annoyed her was also part of why they broke up. But the real reason is because he was cheating on her then had the nerve to say they weren't exclusive. It was an amazing book though. I suggest you give it another try!!

    1. ahh! see, now that i know the spoiler i will go back and finish it!
      it seemed super drawn out to me so i was like whats the point! but now that i know i will definitely finish it.
      i opened up my nook and it was on that book so ill go ahead and finish it.

      thanks so much!!!!

  2. If you go on to read, it tells why they broke up. Min finds out Ed's been cheating on her with Annette. It was devastating to read because you get so invested in these characters and reading that emotional break up was hard. But to explain the "complaining", she is was so heartbroken that when writing this "official" break up letter, everything that annoyed her that he did was also part of the reason they broke up. Which at the time it didn't annoy her but looking back on it I guess she thought she'd throw in those were reasons for their breakup. I suggest you continue to read it or start over! It's such a good book. It's very sad and definitely makes you feel for Min. Especially if you've been through a breakup with your first love.

    1. i love that you guys gave me the spoilers! i just finished my last read so im definitely going back to finish this one!
      now that i know how and why, i cant wait to see how it all unravels!

      thanks so much!


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