modern romance // aziz ansari

released: 6/16/2015 
isbn: 978-1594206276 // 288 pages
read from: 6/25 to 11/24 2015 // started reading the book and finished it with Audible

I'm not sure why it took me 5 (!!!) months to finish this because it was not bad at all but geesh!!!

i LOVE Aziz. from the stand up I've heard, his movies and Parks & Rec, this dude is awesome!
so when this book was out, i had to buy it. i actually bought it the very day it came out. i was so excited to start this book and i did while i was still at my second job but for some reason it took second seat to all the other stuff I've read since. 

anyways, not to take anything away from this book, but its actually a really good read. 
id pick it up read so far in and then put it down, buy another book and then completely forget about it. ( yes i know, that's not helping the case i want to make.)

for some reason i had 1 audible credit and while i was still half asleep, without hesitation i instantly decided that this would be the book id use my credit on. (which by the way, daaaamn those audiobooks are hella expensive!) 

turns out i loved getting the book read to me by Aziz himself. 
he's really funny on there. 
what i like about this book is that it isn't an autobiography or short stories on himself (which i wont lie, i wanted and i still wouldn't mind) but basically just a bunch of research on dating and love. back then and now. 
.....and i honestly have to say, i don't know whether to think that as part of this generation we're either 
a) EXTREMELY lucky that we have the options that we do have and that we don't have to settle for the first thing we land on or 
b) we're all completely fuck*d because of all the infinite possibilities out there and eventually the way we are all treating relationships now

if I'm being honest in my opinion though, i think its A to a certain extent. 
but i think its solely based upon the type of person that you are. 
if you are an open dater and you want to be with different people all the time then by all means, you do you. 
but just like that, i am a monogamous person. when i date one person its just that one person (SPECIALLY if sex is involved because if i get pregnant, I'm going to know who the father is!) but in all seriousness, myself, i love commitment. and i think what i have now is great. could there be better out there? iduno. honestly, yea. maybe. 
but I'm not out there looking for it. I'm beyond happy with what i got with B.
i 100% believe everything happens for a reason (not to say that would justify cheating if that were to ever happen) 
see, prior to my bf i had been single for 2 years and i wasn't actively looking for anyone. then one day at an event that i didn't even know i was going to (my friend bought the tickets) while i was standing waiting for a band to come out, there he was. he turned around, he said hello and that was it. 6 months later, here we are doing the damn thing. and i absolutely love it. 
you get what you give. truer words never spoken. 

all of that just to say that if ya wanna read a book about statistics on dating, relationships and being single past, present and future, this is the one. 
and just to let you in on a little secret! if you want to know but you don't want to read the book, watch Master of None on netflix. 
that show is basically what the book is about. 
its also a pretty darn good show. i binged watched it and I'm ready to do a second round.

i love you Aziz. 
keep doing you boo. 

and now i leave you with a quote. 
because if you can honestly say this to anyone and 100% mean it, you are with the right one. no doubt about it.

"You are the lotion that moisturizes my heart. Without you my heart has eczema."

thx for reading :*

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  1. Yeah I read this book, I thought it was going to be a funny love book at first glance but it was totally informational haha. I liked it a lot and am thankful that I am not currently dating, it seems SO stressful haha.


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