the rise of the jack o'lanterns

i love love LOVE halloween!

...but this year, i just wasn't in the mood to decorate or do anything.
having 2 jobs was just, oof, and so the last thing i wanted to do was decorate. specially since i was working weekends.

so, when i saw a deal on living social for Rise of The Jack O'Lanterns, i thought i'd give it a try and turned it in to a date night with B and it was a blast!!!!
he ended up having more fun that we both thought possible.

as always, here's a couple (a lot!) of pictures.
theres not much i could do in the lighting dept. it was either too dark to snap a decent picture and the pumpkins were too far back to get a good one. (i completely forgot to take my camera with me) or they were right under a lamp light and with the light inside the pumpkin, it was a hot mess. this was the best i could do.

but i will say this!, if you are ever able to catch it, please do! you wont be disappointed.

halloween, i miss you already!!!!!

yea, the carved ones are great and all but the emoji ones.....
eeek!!! <3

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