Lumnia inside the OC Fair

you snooze and then you wake up one day and realize "HOLY CRAP! i got stuff to post!" 

last week the bf and i took a week long vacation and i took SO MANY pictures that I'm beyond excited to share them!!!!
but of course, before i can share those, i HAVE to post all my other adventures! (insert exhausted emoji face) i think my love for blogging is back. sometimes you just need a bit of time! 

a few months ago, i think in June? no, July. actually i don't remember, we went to the OC fair (so i think it was actually in September maybe) and once inside, after dark and after we had walked around a bit, the boyfriend and i stumbled upon Lumnia inside the fair. 
for a $5 fee you got to see this exhibition and let me tell you, best $10 i have ever spent! (once, at coachella, i spent $10 on a rainbow headband that i have never since used so, you know.) 

anyways, as always, here are a load of pictures! <3
(im so excited to be excited about finally posting again!!!)

upon entering they had a bunch of these going down the entry pathway. so pretty!!!
B is PETRIFIED of snakes. so of course when i saw this i HAD to make him pose with it
i don't think the flamingo craze has gone away yet. and I'm a-okay with it! i love them!
santa monica pier
don't judge! but i think this is at the LAX. cant hold it against me, i haven't flown since i was 15? and even then that was at a different airport.
the LACMA lights
months later i took B to see the real deal. best date night ever! <3
i, leslie, am not a dodgers fan. (all of LA has a heart attack)

this was such a super fun experience, 
B didnt really want to go but of course i made him and of course he LOVED it. 
he was more excited than i was. 

i think i have more pictures on my camera...if they're worth it, ill go ahead and post them but for now this is all i got. 

have a great Tuesday! <3
and get ready for the upcoming posts!

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