my sister bought me a Disneyland pass last year around this time, actually Nov 1st. (i remember cause i had just gotten home from my cousins house after our Halloween bar hopping the night before. i was still dressed as Louise, but the hungover version. lol) 

anyways, she bought me the pass for my birthday and i was ecstatic. 

unfortunately, i did not go as often as i thought i would which is weird because she also bought me the parking pass which...come on!!!! parking alone is $18 
the first time i got my pass in 2012 (i think) i went 13 times alone the first month and i had no parking pass then. 

this time around, my pass expired 11/5. 

so i went on my last day, by myself (i LOVE going by myself) and i managed to get these amazing (to me) pictures. 
gotta LOVE my galaxy s6. 
these are completely untouched in anyway, no filter (except the one with the heart) mostly because im 100% lazy to do so and because i love them as is. 
i love love LOVE how they look and i feel completely lucky to have been able to catch these pictures. 

this night, Disney closed at 9. so after the fireworks, i wandered towards the back and insert heart eyes emoji. empty Disneyland is the best for pictures. 
this one is completely random. i just liked the mosaic tile. 

ill miss ya Disney. 

ill be back eventually.....maybe after they build starwars land.....not because im a starwars fan (ive never even seen the movies) but because why am i going to spend $100+ to walk around a construction zone. 



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