final hours // dean koontz

released 10/27/2015
isbn: 9781101965475 // 78 pages
read from: in the span on 2 days

hi guys!

i finished this quite a while back. around the same time i finished my last read but im now barely getting around to it. 

ill make this super fast since its a super quick read. 

so, this is the second part to the other DK short read, Last Light
seeing as how the first one ended, i didn't really see how a second short story would come in to play buuut  i mean, i guess it did. 

in this story Makani accidentally touches a woman as she tries to stop her from falling and hurting herself cause kids are ruthless. 
as she touches her, she sees that she has a woman hidden in a basement and shes torturing her out by not feeding her and well, keeping her hostage. 

turns out this woman is holding her own twin sister captive. 
turns out they're both bat shit crazy. 
turns out i dont really wanna type it all out soooo.....its basically rich crazy women who end up ***SPOILER*** killing each other and their family. 

and it turns out that Pogo will make an appearance in his new novel Ashley Bell so im excited about that and to see what role he plays!

uhm, so yeah. 
quick little read. 
i actually started reading this when i was at a concert. 
yep! at  a concert. i didn't care for the opening band so boom! gotta love ebooks. 

mostly im excited for Ashley Bell. 
i read a little tid bit on FB where DK talks about how his publishers have told him that AB might be his best novel yet!
and i mean, how? have you read Odd Thomas? or any other of his other novels!? 

im super excited. 

thanks for stopping by for this odd little post! (: 
(and also, i dont know why the heck this is placed in the center now that its published. as i typed it out, it was to the left but now....oh well.)

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