Q & A {7/26 to 8/1 2014}

ive been waiting for this post so i could let you guys know how sad i was that someone stole my bread. 
im being serious!

i remember making my sandwich last Saturday and putting the rest of the bread away in my desk like i ALWAYS do. once the bread bag travels to work come home it does not. 
so i go to work on Monday. i wasnt ready to have breakfast yet but for some reason i opened the drawer where i keep it and boom! my bread was gone. someone stole my friggin bag of bread! i was so bummed that i wasnt able to have breakfast that day! :'(

i think thats my karma for stealing a kerns at work. i SWEAR i was going to replace it but if being honest i had forgotten until i saw someone stole my bread! waaah!

i dont know why but i thought that was super funny! i mean who steals bread from other peoples desk?
if you want some you can have some! im not guna say no. 
you know what else im thinking? i accidentally bought white bread and i only like to eat wheat bread so maybe it was good karma for me!

im currently sitting in the living room typing this. 
my brother is playing on his ps3 on his headphones so i dont have to hear his game. 
pandora is on the empire of the sun station and it looks soo nice and gloomy outside (but its still pretty hot!) 
i love it. 

last night we caught Arcade Fire and holy smokes what an awesome (and very pretty! i might add) concert!
i have a few pics so ill be back with that but afterwards we met up with Monique we hit up a million friggin bars and ended up at Anarchy. the creeper level was at an all time high!!! i even ran in to little sam! i know her from my one year stint in private school. shes soo little its hard to miss! i love it!
were having breakfast for dinner tomorrow cant wait!!

okay, enough rambling. 
lets get staaarted! 

July 26, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: are you working hard or hardly working?
A: im working hard at hardly working and its funny because i'm actually at work!
last day i saw my bread!

July 27, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what can you smell right now?
A: my moms delicious chiken samich! (pan con pollo or pan de pollo) holy smokes! :)
yes i know chicken is missing a c. thats how i spell it!

July 28, 2014 {Monday}
Q: write a phrase to describe your year so far. 
A: AMAZAZING. i didnt think 2014 could top 2013 but man. IM LIVING!!!!!
life is freaking great! i LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTTT!!!!

July 29, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: what was the last trip you took? 
A: probably Vegas. unless you count work then DTLA not that long ago. but i have been wanting to go to Big Sur for forever!!!!
i think i finally found someone to go with towards the end of the year when its not violently hot!!!!

July 30, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: today was unusual because ___________________.
A: i dont think today was unusual today in general but Monday was. someone store my bread.
i love that this post is all about my bread. im laughing so hard right now!
July 31, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: Today were you a wallflower or a social butterfly?
A: im always a wallflower. unless i really know you or you're one of my cousins. 
they all think im a joke. truth is, were all jokes. vera and ross and me together. pffft! i love them all!!!

August 1, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: do you need a cold shower?
A: well California is currently friggin ridiculously hot. but no i dont need a cold shower. im okay with luke warm. or even a liiiiiiitle bit cold but not ahhh! cold. 

i always find it awesome when i go out on a Friday night because my days get all discombobulated and i think that Saturday is Sunday. so every time i remember i get a little excited!

ooh, funny thing. last night after we left the bar, i saw some dude wearing red suspenders. 
i told him i liked them. (i really meant it. do i come off as sarcastic?) then he replied "yea well you have ugly eyebrows!" 
i was like "wtf!? i really meant it a-hole. but now that i look at it maybe you and you little red meant to be for 12 year old little boys suspenders should get out of here."
ugh jerk. 
but still! ill always be nice! :D
kill 'em with kindness! (: 

were about to head out to Ikea im excited!!! (: im about to make another board because im running out of space! 

have a great weekend! 

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