Snapshot Sunday {237-243}

i. cannot. take. this. heat. anymore....and im in front of the fan with my hair up in shorts and a cut up shirt. 
please let it raiiiinnn!!!!

any who, looong weekend! and im sooooo thankful for that! i did a 12.5 hr shift yesterday and i was beat by the time i got home...but i didnt go to sleep til almost 1 am. i slept great!
i had a dream that i was wearing a cut up turtleneck and i felt like i was suffocating so i was trying real hard to take it off in my dream but every time i'd try to tug it, it would get tighter. finally i said screw it and i yanked it off. normal random dream right? 
apparently it translated to real life because i woke up without a shirt. lol. i knew i was doing it to myself while i was dreaming it (makes sense?) but i didnt care because it was so effin hot! gah! 
anyone live somewhere where its currently raining and cold? want to foster me for a week. i miss rain!! ill be quiet and i wont eat (your food anyways.) haha

lets get to it while i slowly meeelt!

237 //
yesterday after work, well actually, back it up. at work, while scanning i came up with the perfect happy birthday banner to make for my sister but i needed fringe scissors. i looked it up on amazon and they were $10. they actually went up. so i thought let me go to Michael's! 
boom! i got a 40% off coupon so i got these for $8 and change! woohooo! 
now i just need tape to create my masterpiece! (diy coming soon! well after October cus i dont want her to see.) i cant wait!!!
238 //
i love my keys!....erm accessories. 
i dont know about you but im not a huge fan of key chains. i mean i am but i HATE when people have 1 key and  3458738475 random key chains. but these 4! (: 

my wagaware charm: i LOVE dogs!!! love love looove em if you didnt already know. i found this organization that helps dogs. i actually found them on instagram and the other day they had a post where they had found a lot of puppies in a mill all mistreated and hurt and ugh! so they were selling their tag with all the proceeds heading to the mill to foster the puppies and clean them and nurture them back to a healthy state. 
for every tag you purchase, they donate %50 of the sales to help out dogs. they cost $16 and change with taxes included and shipping is free. 
i could have put it on my dogs collar but shes currently protesting it so i thought id wear it proudly on my key chain. support if you can! (: 

my Disneyland key chain: i love Disneyland but their stuff is ridiculously over priced. but when i saw this key chain I HAD TOO!!!! it comes with a  mickey key however, that thing friggin fell off like two days later so i just attached it higher. (see what i mean? i dont mind paying but if you're going to over charge then make sure your product is top notch!) either way i love it! best $8 ive ever spent!!!! i love seeing it on my key chain. 

my coachella kandi: (i hate that its spelled like that!) i got that at Coachella 13 when i gave some group of girls 2 waters and a gatorade, they were soooo dehydrated! they paid me $5 and then another girl of the group did that peace love unity thing and gave it to me! i was sooo happy!!!! since then, its been on my keys and i think it forever will be. 

wendys: cant beat a free jr frosty! got it for a dollar and it just keeps on giving! lol 
239 // 
did you guys ever pass around notes in high school shaped all sorts of different ways? 
i did!!! i went to go eat burgers with my brother last night (curse you Gilmore Girls) and i dont know why i got the sudden urge to see if i still remembered how to fold one. low and behold, i still got it. 
then i left it on the table while we ate and my brother noticed something. 
take a look and see if you spot it!*
240 // 
the lady that lives with us is out on vacation so im "house sitting" meaning id rather be in solitude in her place than in the mess that is my house at the moment. 
so nice to watch tv in peace. sleep in peace. have weird dreams (see above lol) in peace!!!
241 // 
i went to jacks and asked for no pickles no onions because i hate them. 
apparently that makes me a meat lover!
242 //
Thursday nights are Carino's night with the usual crew: monique, ollie, esme, tony, the 49's dude, i and this particular Thurs, karen. 
cant be $.25 c wings, $2 basket of fries and $5 margaritas. 
this Thursday was special though. i have never seen a group of people head scratch over how to split the bill as i hard as i did that night. and that poor waiter. on man! funny funny night!
243 //
do you believe in signs? im starting to think i do. the number 317 has been poppin up everywhere for me. 
and as we all know, the Simpsons marathons on FXX has been on for about a month now. 
the one and only time i tune in i catch the episode where RHCP comes out. what are the chances!?
i dont expect you to understand what this means and its okay i guess. we need a little mystery between us ;)
but seriously, these 2 things; make it happen or let it go. 
le sigh.

my new room is finally done so i have to go finish moving in. 
my mother has already threatened me that i need to go take care of that now or else i pay. 
soooo.....thanks for reading and enjoy your day off tomorrow if indeed you are off. 

thanks for reading! 
*it looks like a penis and its friends haha. 

Q & A {8/23 to 8/29}

i made it happen!!!
i got the banana in the picture!!! not only that but i got my library book, my bag strap and a cute! (currently folded) chipotle bag. take that Oprah! i can do it all!
look out world, they're about to get better!

okay okay. 
yesterday was one of those great days where its all just sooo great!
im currently "house sitting" if that's what you want to call it (the lady that lives with us left on vacation for a month so im staying in her little small house!) its so nice to fall asleep on a grown up bed! (my mattress is from ikea so you know.) i havent slept that good in a while. 
i woke up without an alarm and i woke up to an email that Katy Perry's CD PRISM is for free in the google play store so if ya have a droid and you've been wanting this cd, now is your time!! its a 3 day weekend that i turned in to 2 because i volunteered to come in to work today to get stuff done! my coworker got me a brand new ruler! i love it (see, im an easy gal to please!) and to top it off, i got out of work an hour early yesterday. woohoo!!!
life is great! of course there's thing or two here missing but its okay. within due time. mauahahaha. 

k lets get started!

August 23, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: yes or no: everyone should have a back up plan.
A: depends i guess. for earthquakes and stuff like that yea. for life, no. live in the moment. 
i hope you know what i mean. like live in the present but yea, if youre going out of town to stay with one friend and then something comes up make sure you have somewhere else to go. 
i guess, just plan accordingly without over doing it. dont book a trip across the world and live off a list doing said thing every minute of the day that you dont get to truly enjoy where youre at. 

August 24, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: write your recipe for creativity: 
A: good music. but i believe when its meant to be, the moment hits. you feel it. its amazing. 
--i feel that when im asked to do something RIGHT away im ahhh! freaking. but give it to me in time and boom! ill blow yo' mind away!
as i type this at work, i was standing at the copy machine scanning stuff and out of nowhere i got this friggin brilliant idea for the birthday banner for my sister this year. 
see! its strikes anywhere at any given time!!! (: 
i love you creativity!!!

August 25, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what would you like to tell your father?
A: that i miss him. and to stop spoiling the kids. that's why they're a**holes with little manners & bad manners. 
i love em but jeez!
(they're not that bad but ya know....)

August 26, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: whats the best part about life right now?
that im finally living it!!!! I've been to so many concerts and shows in the last 2 years its amazing!
several people have told me that it looks like i have an awesome life....its far from perfect but i love it! I'm living it up!
also, see above! life can be great no matter what!
glass half full kinda gal over here!

August 27, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q:when was the last time you worked out? 
A: last week on Thursday when i ran. this semester i have class on Tues & Thurs. that's no excuse i just got lazy this week. but next week. next week IT'S ON!!!!

August 28, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: how would you describe your victory dance?
knees to chest hands in the air spirit fingers!
i do it all the time! :D
sounds like an interesting mess huh!

August 25, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what did you have for dinner? 
A: pollo loco! chicken, rice, beans and mac and cheese! Y U M !!!!

I'm currently on mu lunch break at work and i want to take a nap SO BAD (since like 830) but I've been fighting it and i don't know why. 
oh well I'm almost off!! 230pm huuuurrrry up!
i don't think we have anything planned for the long weekend and im okay with that cause all i want to do is sleep and watch Gilmore Girls. Jess just entered the picture! gaaahhh!!!

thanks for reading!
have a great long weekend!!! :*
**sorry for any and all type-o's im still like 84% asleep. :D

A Beautiful Mess // Happy Handmade Home

published: 2014
read in like an hour!
red nail polish!

i waited, it arrived and i've read it!
i actually went through it at work. 

i love that a lot of the pictures (at least to me) remind me of an Ikea catalog with the blurry people in a beautiful organized place. 

i loved a lot of the ideas in the book and i've tabbed several myself that i would love to try in my soon to move in to room but if im being honest, i wish they had more diy's, more detailed ones. 
its a lot of photography in this book and while a lot of ideas are very easy to grasp i wouldve love to see more in depth stuff. 

either way, i love it and i cant wait to get started on those few that i did like and blog about em here!
i love these galls and their blog! theres nothing these ladies wont put out that i wont want to have for myself! (hurry up Emma and release a cook book!!!! or an e course!) 

thanks for reading!

FYF Fest

i have no idea who these people are, i just wanted a picture of the FYF sign that i didnt think to get til i was running out of the gate trying to find J. 
the weekend came and went and it was great!
FYF, you were okay and then i saw The Strokes and you were AMAZAZING!
here are a few pictures...for some reason i wasnt in to taking a million pictures like i always am. 
first and foremost, THE ONLY REASON i went to FYF!
{{i should also note that i bought this shirt for $25 and then proceeded to tear it up at 130am!}}
im pretty sure you've caught on by now that they are my favorite band!!!!
Little Dragons 
they were the first band we caught Saturday at The Lawn stage. 
we found the poop!!!!
on the map we had, there was an emoji picture of a poop, a cat and a ghost. 
i thought the ghost would probably be a 'snapchat vendor hey hang out with us in our booth' kind of thing so i didnt bother about the poop or cat. 
then while making line for my beer, we saw this girl had taken a picture of the poop so when we found out it was an actual thing, we set off to find it but to be honest we found it on accident because we had forgotten about it. 
i think this was the Phoenix set on Saturday. we didn't stay long. J wasn't feeling em and i heard the one song i really love plus i'd already seen em at coachella so we left. 
we ended Saturday night in the Arena and we caught the middle of DJ Harvey. 
man, it was awesome! it was a huge dance party. there was a flamingo (fake of course) bobbin around, people were dancing, i was in heaven and Jonathan looked bored out of his mind. haha. 

Saturday, man little dragon didnt play til 6. reason they were the first ones we caught was because the line to get in was INSANE!!! we waited at least almost 3 hrs just to get in. it was a mess. luckily Sunday was a different story. 
 // good thing about my sister having her car finally: designated pick up and drop offs!!!
#winning! // 
we found the cat right away on Sunday. they moved its spot because it was right at the entrance this time! wooohoo!
meeting place in case and for when we got separated.
(spoiler: we didnt because homeboy HAD to go get a hot dog out on the street) 

J getting choked by Josh Barnett. 
apparently he's an MMA fighter or something like that. 
i dont know. it was pretty cool to see J have a total fan girl moment. 

i forgot who we caught Sunday in the beginning other than Balance & Composure but afterwards we got food. J got tacos that according to him were sent from heaven and i got a sandwich that according to him was boring. i sort of agree, i could have made a better one but i didn't want ANYTHING fried! i was over it!

i kept talking about Donut Friend being there and he finally caved (for every "bad thing" he ate, i had to hear him complain about how it was bad for his body!) he got the bacon 182 and he scarfed it down before i even had the chance to take a picture. 
i got the white stripes something, i almost walked away but came back for it and it has been the best life decision i have EVER made!!! so delicious! i still have a $15 donut friend gift-card so im going back!
how good was it? i gave jonathan a bite aaaand he ate almost 1/2 of it! .-. haha
after we stuffed our faces. dude passed out at the charging station for a good hour i believe, i caught two acts in the process of him sleeping. luckily he found a chair (that i didnt understand why he decided to take with him til we go to the charging station) and i ended up stealing from him so i was good. 
the picture above was when settled at the trees waiting for i forgot what band. i snapped it, sent it to scnapchat world then said my goodbyes to J. i was getting close as heck to The Strokes. they didnt play until 10:30. 
i left at 6pm. it was already too late! :'(
sun setting for blood orange. 
i had no idea who that was but man! they (he? im not sure if its just the dude or the band) were amazing!!! peeeerfect! (look em up on spotify! you wont regret it!) 
during blood orange this small opening happened and although i was pretty close it got me a lot closer. then they went off and crowd got ready for Haim. i got pushed soooo up front that i was stuck with my hands in the air for a good couple of minutes. 
then i remembered the amazing time i had dancing to the red hot chili peppers at coachella in the back and i left. but i was also bribed with beer so you know; priorities. 
THIS is the only picture i took of  The Strokes. yep. just the one. and this video  that technically i didnt record. 
after leaving j, i went by myself, met up with another friend and his friend. he bought me a couple of beers, i got a good buzz and i ended up meeting with Z. haha. he took this video and im the one that cut it short because i just wanted to have fun. 
usually when i go to a concert, no matter how bad i want to go to said concert, im always ready to call it a night. yep, thats me. they started playing and from the very moment they started i was in heaven. i sang, i jumped, i danced, i yelled, i screamed. ugh! it was utter HEAVEN!!!! 
i wasnt even looking at the stage the whole time. i was singing to everyone around me. this was by far the best i have ever been too!!!!
they started with Barely Legal (everyone went nuts!) and ended with Last Night (z left then) and they came back once more with New York City Cops. (set list here) their set to me flew by! i knew when they were over before their encore but i felt it fly super fast!
i cant even explain how happy i am. its now Wednesday and i still have a huge smile on my face!!!
out here for our festivals, CSC security always patrols so while the strokes were playing, one of em came up to me and asked if i was okay and i said yes then i told him to get me to the front. all he said was follow me! ahhh!!! being security has its perks because everyone got out of the way for him. i hooked my finger on some random dudes pants loop that was already following him and we made it pretty near once again but loops dude lost him so Z and i just went back. still very close. 
my (concert) life is complete. i will DEFINITELY catch them again (and yes im still beating myself up about missing them in Vegas!!!) 
goodbye FYF, til next time! :* you were fun!!!

thanks for reliving FYF with me! 

Echo Park Street Art

i just liked how this looked. 

on the way to see the Chandelier Tree, i stumbled upon some street art and knowing me by now, you know i had to stop and take some pictures. 

hop on over and take a look see! (: 

ha! even the fire hydrants are decorated. 
this was right in front of the tree. 
unless you're in to Scientology, don't bother. 
i saw it on the way up so on the way back i knew i had to get a picture of it!
i love how i caught the lights too. reminds me of that one Ashton Kutcher // Amanda Peet movie, A Lot Like Love.
fun leslie fact #45: i have NEVER seen the wizard of oz. 
i do however, really badly, want to see Wicked!
those lights! <3
remember school house rocks? 
wooh! i found this one on complete accident!

these last 2 remind me of Frank because he's on a quest to make me strangle him since he wont shut up about cats! ggrr!
that little chick is popular. ive seen it on IG i just cant remember the artist. 
(as always if you know, please let me know so i can list proper credit) 

this is probably the shortest picture post ever!
but ill one up it later! ;)
fyf was this past weekend and believe it or not, i didn't take many pictures. 
by the end of night 1 i still had my battery at 80-90 % charge. 
and for The Strokes....well, ill talk about it coming up. (spoiler: AMAZING!!!)

thanks for looking! 
im excited to go back to school today (lets see how long that lasts!) 

have a good rest of your week! :*

this & that

wood jewelry blocks_04
super cute idea to hang up jewelry!

such a babe!

LA to Vegas is a 4 hrs drive but whyyy not make it 9?
perfect considering im going pretty soon!!!
no-bake peanut butter and jelly cheesecakes |
ive been wanting to do something with chicken wire and i had forgotten about it until i saw this post but woah! this is such a neat idea....and you can change the colors to fit your style!
i love it!!!
chicken wire for the win!
Cloth Napkins and Placemats
hurry up room of mine so i can sew cute kitchen cloths!
my sewing machine needs a home!
DIY Woven Pencil Pouch
stop it!
probably the EASIEST diy ever!!!!
DIY Floral Crown
lets make some floral crowns!
(insert heart eyes emoji!)

congrats Keiko!!!!
quick, someone buy me the exact same pair she is wearing. no prescription.
please and thanks!!!! (insert heart eyes emoji!)

love everything about this post!

am i the only one that a) sees the weird stand in this picture? (although not not do-able (?) lol) and b) that these heels aint cute?
i do not believe in heels.
wedges ill do. maybe.
but heels? nope. never. no thanks.
these girls are smart though!

thanks for surfin' the web with me!

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