just because!

It's been real busy at work & the girl they had originally hired decided "nah, not for me."
So that's that.

Geting ready to leave to work.

We finally got a screen door for the front!!! (Where was this during the summer!???)
As my brother walks out after me he says: "hey this shit puts in work huh?"


I knew we were missing something without it but I wasnt aware of the huge impact it would have on him!

Oh brother!

(ps. Im almost done reading another book! I am in LOVE! currently beating myself up for not getting it sooner!)

Oh! Also, I have class on monday! :D finally, I guess. Its only a french class (talk about late registration!)  But hey better late than never! (:
Paris here we come.....in like 2 years! :D

Innocence by Dean Koontz

isbn: 978-0-553-80803-2
published 2014 (that's what it says buuut it came out 12/2013) 
read: practically all of January 

I'm just laughing at this picture. I'm sure as my blog grows, they'll get better but I'm just happy i have this funny non professional picture. (edit: original picture got deleted so im using an interwebs one.)

any who, whaaat the heck did i just read!? 
I'm not sure why this book took me so long to read but i mean if the short story that was only 38 pages long took me a good while then what was i to expect? 

Addison Goodheart has been on his own since he was 8 because his mother, although she saved him at birth, could no longer live with him; couldn't bare to stare at him or be near him any longer. 
....and then boom **small spoiler!** she kills herself once she has sent him on his way. 

he ends up in the city, almost faces death & gets rescued by the man that he ends up calling Father. 
it isn't until one night that he is roaming in the library after hours that he ends up finding Gwyneth, the one thing that until then he didn't know was missing. 

i love how they are so different from each other yet they compliment each other pretty well. 

read after the jump to read all about the spoilers!!!! 

Turnbull Canyon

today's hike is brought to you from (well my room right now but you know, earlier!) Turnbull Canyon!!!
since my ankle is a whole lot better but still in recovery mode, i wanted to come here. I've been here before and so i knew this was a perfect trail for me!
here are some pictures of today's hike! (: 
cant wait to see what next weekend brings!

Snapshot Sunday {20-26}

i don't smoke. i don't care for it. but i just had to have this little jar! even better?,  i got it for a discounted price. there was no way in hell i was going to pay $10 for that little thing!
cloudy with a chance of meatballs two date night with my mom & sister. 
this is seriously THEE cutest movie ever. 
i am definitely buying this movie when it comes out!!
i mean look at Berry holding the BSUSB lol!
mr. made me heart shaped home fries and sloppy joes! (: 
its tradition that he cooks the meat & fries and all i do is mess them up as i cut them. 
this night i was out due to my sprained ankle so he cooked this all on his own. 
i woke up to heart shaped fries. 
i oooooh'd and aaaah'd like a giddy little school girl. i mean how cute are these!? 
after finally washing my car (you know cause of the Glendale fire and what not!) this was a very well deserved treat! 
finally! after searching for these freakin 4x4 pocket mabobers i was finally able to find just what i was looking for!!! I'm finally starting my first project life album! 
my 2013 pictures are finally getting a home. 
side note: i have been looking for there stupid 4x4 pockets for a long time. i cannot say how many time's i asked Becky on her ig where i could find them to no avail. now that i have them, i see that being stuck on the 4x4 format was probably not a great idea. i should of bought different sizes so i could do more of a variety.
i have a 4x4, 4x4 with 3x3 side pockets and 4x's with 3x3 pockets in the middle. so most of my cards will have to always go in the middle and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about that. 
oh well, jokes on me!

i agree chonch. butt on you face isn't great! 
hey!, maybe these two can be the main focus in my set of 7 of my 365 project. you know since i do it as a weekly vs an everyday post. 
my momma with her new glasses!
i love this woman! (:
shes currently snoring right next to me :( loudly i might add!!

thanks for checking out my weekly snapshot Sunday! 
i have a new "one for the books" coming up. finally1, and the first one of 2014! woohoo!
now its bed time to catch some zzz's before my Sunday hike! :D
good night all! <3

Oh brother!

"And destined is spelled? D e s t i n e d right?"-bro
"Swear on our friendship?!"-bro
Apparently friendship is more important than being brother/sister.


On Thursdays he has his catechism class.
I call him to see if hes at the usual corner where we pick him up.
"Yea man, hurry up man!"
"Don't give me attitude or i will turn this car around!"-me
"Its 10 dollas an hour!"
C L I C K!!!
pick him up....
"Tony you're an idiot! You'd go broke! I'm sure prostitutes charge at leeeeast 50 for a bj!"
"Its cuz when you're with me you're going to want more than an hour!" Is his reply!


In the 2 seconds we were gone they stole our parking spot to which he says: "man, *@#$ that Audi!, but that dude does have bomb sisters!"
He follows it up with "I wonder what its like to have bomb sisters?"


He makes it inside and I have this strict rule that when you use the last roll of toilet paper you should ALWAYS restock. 
Of course no one listens.
"Bros, can someone help me? I'm stuck!"-bro.
"Why don't you ask your bomb sisters?"-sister.
Then, he opened my bedroom door and well, I'm currently hiding under my blanket so I can brief!


Now my mom.....
My mom was massaging my sprained ankle and when she stopped I told her to keep going to which she replied "ya no mija, Eso no se le hace mucho masaje. Vas a quedar pasmada!" Translation: "no sweetie, you don't massage it often, you're guna become (stay) stupid!" -.- Shes currently poking at it stabbing it with her finger really hard. Oh mother! Le sigh! -.-

what a wonderful fam! <3

this & that


I agree with Kendall in this post
One rarely sees whats in front of them
I absolutely love Jen & her little kitten heels. What a babe!
Gold Medal Badges | Oh Happy Day!
clauds, this is suuuuch a good idea for the 2014 Amaya awards!!!! 
i do not cook! but this recipe looks sooooo delicious and easy to make!!!
lets make cute tea lights and gift em! <3

i love modern family!!!
Instagram Calendar from Earl Grey Blog 1
awesome diy calendar idea using postal pix! 
i LOVE these guys!!! (:
i know this is Christmas of 2013 and were in 2014 but i just loved this post. 
so funny!
Jen again because a} i love what she's wearing and b} she's a total babe!
hop on over to learn how to win free dresses for you and a friend from Lulu*s for a year!

other things to be happy / laugh / ponder about!: 

-jack FM does NOT play what you want. yet, they just did! :o 
 my whole life has been a lie!!!!

-on Fridays i go to work earlier than my brother wakes up to go to school. 
  so today before i left to work i went in to his room to tell him to put his phone on blast so i can call him to     wake him up (which i completely forgot about!!!) to which he replies, and i quote!: "what do you want? a regular patty or a krabby patty?"
  ha! i just about died, and then out from under the covers, Chester peaks out his cute little head!

- i read this post (well i just skimmed it!)  but any who, my sister is in my room watching TV with me so i ask her "are you okay?" to which she reples "why?....you want to know too much about me!" 

-my ankle is still sprained. it was looking better. until today when i woke up! eeek! :(

-guys, besides The Grand Canyon, what else is there to do in AZ? 
my mom wants to go to Sedona and then thats it. meow? 

thanks for reading!!! 
have a fantastic Friday! (: 

Resolutions 2014 ♥

20 somethin' days in to the new year and haaaay! here they are!
(better somewhat late then never!) 
I've noticed (this new year specifically) since ive gotten more involved in blogging that A LOT of bloggers listed their resolutions for the new year.
i wasn't looking in to listing mine because for the most part, i wasn't sure i had many to list but after thinking about it, it seems that i do! yippee!
i don't know how to use photo shop all that well to create a nice little list and so on so i just used the ABM app to create em myself! 
(maybe i should make that a resolution!)
take a read and see what I'm all about 2014!

Temescal Canyon

I didn't make a huge deal about my new years resolutions but I know there are 3-4 things I wanted to do.
One of them is hiking every sunday!
So far, with the exception of last week because of my tooth!, ive kept it up! :)

Part of me is really ahhh! about posting my resolutions or goals because you know, I dont know, im weird. But mostly just the whole failing part of it or if I give up half way and you know, them being so public. (Its only 52 (give or take) hikes les!)

Well this one (as well as my others! Coming up on another post!) have stuck.
Sunday, I went hiking with Gladys to Temescal Canyon in Santa Monica and it was fuuun!
I wasnt too crazy and we went super early so by the time we left, the sun was coming out and we had no part of it!! :)

Here are some pictures of the hike.
As I do this (erm, try!) I will be blogging posts just to kinda keep track of it and hold myself accountable. 
So even though I have kept up on my hiking,  this is my first sunday hike post! (:
Still to this day, I love the abm app. Lol

Snapshot Sunday {13-19}

Usually im one to say "its already Sunday!" buuuut today im actually thinking "its barely Sunday!?"
This is the first time in a while that I think the whole week has gone by slow. Its funny because it feels slow and yea it's barely sunday but yet its already sunday (does that make sense!?)
Good thing were off Monday for MLK!
Any who, heres the weekly (now a 365 project) snapshot Sunday! 
Enjoy the only 7 pictures!!! :D
(Still feeling off about it being 7 instead of 10!)
you're going to see these guys often, 
i love my babies!!!
watching the sunset from the elevators of beautiful.....Ikea! (:
got my wisdom tooth out last week! (gggrrrr!!!) and the dentist said i could have all the ice cream in the woooorld! (not that much!) so i obliged! thanks to my HR manager for the gift-card!
reading innocence by dean koontz!!! see, its been quiet for a good reason! (:
i like the book, im just surprised its taking me this long to read it. even my coworker said it.
but then again the 38 page short story took me almost a month!
i like to pay attention when i read! :D
drinking a red gumy from Jamba Juice while on the job! (in the bosses car too! woohoo!) 
i love out of the office trips!
lovely downtown LA through the 9th st exit! 
virginias got a health kick going!
we went to long beach to run!
we did a couple of stairs and BOOM! #14!

im off to a hike with Gladys. 
running i can do, hiking...im usually breathless by the time i get out of the car in the parking lot!
thanks for reading and have a wonderful sunday! (and awesome monday off for those of you that are!) 

this & that {Keiko Lynn Edition}


hello crowns for all the girls during the holidays!


 i think (personally) that in order to be able to pull of any style of make up, you need to have the confidence.
it could look bitchin' but if you dont feel comfortable, it wont work.
i looove how Keiko pulls this look off!
and how i wish i could!
(i think this might be a this & that based solely on her blog!)


going along with #2....i think this will be a keiko post! i mean, isnt she just BEAUTIFUL!!!!


going along with 2 & 3, this is a Keiko only this & that! (a very first!) and with that, another first!, only pictures with a link to the original post because these you have to show off. 
oh how i looove her style!

let's keep it at 4. 
i lost the tab i was in and i dont want to go back or ill get stuck!
go over to her blog and fall in love!

thanks for reading!

11 things!

I read this post over at The Paper Mama and i thought: "hhmm....let's give it a try!" 
its sad to know that this month, my blog would be 2 but because i was lazy i didnt keep it up. so back to square....well beginning.

any who, i've dropped random little facts about me all over this here little blog, but here are 11 random questions to answer. 
i saw a book at Anthropologie that asks a question everyday for the next five years and i thought it was a fun neat idea that you could reflect on your answers as the years pass by. 
my sister thought it was stupid and maybe day after day i might be over it but im definitely going back to get it this weekend. 
15 days late and all!!!

okay, im rambling. 
here are my 11 facts (given to me erm, rather i taken from TPM).

11 THINGS // thepapermama.com

1. Are you a cat or dog person? Or, bird person?
dogs all the way!
Are you kidding me!? I loooooove my chester and chonch! (and miss jack and Leila!!!!)
Chonch was our first and I wont lie, I didn’t want her.

I didn’t want her because we lived in a small apt. and I believe aminals should have the required proper space to live in….a few months later we bought a house so I guess it was meant to be!
(and yes giselle, you move and try to take her i WILL take you to doggy court!!! >.<)
2. What was your favorite food as a kid? Is it the same, or has it changed as an adult?
I honestly don’t know. I cant remember.
but as a grownup, i can live fully off of soup. 
thats all i ever want!
3. What is your favorite hobby?
simple. READING! 
is there anything better!? 
4. If you HAD to move to a different state (or country) where would it be?
Anne's pictures from Boulder Colorado (on her ig) make me want to move there. 
or the pictures Kendall (dipped in yellow) posts. 
seems sooo lovely and serene. 
also, its just a move (to me), besides my family, i have nothing really tying me down to California. 
debt its debt. it will follow me wherever i go, so why not make it travel with me! 
5. Are you a winter or summer person?
winter. definitely winter. 
its easier to bundle up and get warm than it is to get cool. 
its a bitch specially when you dont have an ac. 
6. What makes you happy?
books, happy people, loving comments on the interwebs on blogs, people actually caring for other people, little cute babies! the fact that im alive and living and my family is all good!
i may not have a tons loads of money or have my life 10000000% figured out but its all going great and i wouldnt change that! (:
7. What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?
if i was from the Philippines. 
i get that i look white a lot. or that they didnt expect me to be Salvadorian but Filipino!? 
what the!? 
8. 2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why (question found here)?
eeek! i dont know!
ive seen lord of the rings once (lol) so i dont member much to be able to have a good answer. but i mean where are we going? what are we doing? 
i guess whoever doesnt complain much so i can do all the complaining lol. 
9. 3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next (question found here)?
CANADA!!!! i watch tooo much HGTV and a lot of there shows are there so why not!
i mean as long as he doesnt look creepy and its not in some random place like my room and he woke me up at likek 2 am then im game. 
scare the crap out of me and your eardrums will pay. 
10. What was your first job?
Supersavers by my high school. 
i decided at 16 that i didnt want to be at home for the summer so i gots me a job. 
i remember going in one day and asking for a manager. so happens the one ringing was a manager. 
so i told him "i applied for a job and i want to know when im going to get hired" to which he replied "oh really you think youre getting hired here? " and i said "no. i dont think, I KNOW!" 
needless to say, i got the job! best first job ever. 
i miss that place (but it closed down after they unjustly fired me!so HA!) 
but i think i specially miss him. he was cool!
11. What is your favorite utensil?
did she get this from last weeks 2nd new episode of GIRLS when Shoshana asks Adam what his favorite utensil was!?  ahahhaha i looooved that scene!
but i think a spoon. 
hello!!, i love soup!!!!!!!!!!
here are 2 more that i thought would be good to answer! :0
1. What is your idea of the most romantic date setting ever?
i just want to go to Disneyland on a friggin date. sounds corny and everyone does it but noodlesticks! i want to too!!!! 
but okay, i dont know. i love driving around so maybe a nice ride going somewhere or anywhere or nowhere in particular as long as theres good music playing. sometimes being with someone you want to be with in a quiet setting is the best thing ever. 
so much is spoken without anything being said. 
8. If you could go on one date with a movie or television star, who would it be and why?
Michael B Jordan simply because YUM!!!

or if i could change it to author....hmm, Dean Koontz, John Green, Jill Mansell and like 5 more that i cant think of at the moment!

that was fun!
feel free to take mine, copy and paste and if you do leave a link! (: 

 thanks for reading! (: 


I'm currently laying in bed cuddled up with chonch who is currently cuddling with my bear.

Im thinking of all the things I could be doing but this wisdom tooth removal hurts and I have horrible cramps so while I want to do it all im doing nothing at all.

I could be putting away all the Christmas decorations away but no (they're down just not stored.....yet im already planning this years party!).

I could be de-cluttering the clothes from my cabinet so I can finally open it without struggling but no.

I wanted to go to ikea....but ahh...I cant even walk.

I want to make a cover for my diy 2013 scrapbook album but I dont feel like giving sewing a go.

I dont even have the energy to eat or read my current book.

Im all sorts of down!

Sorry, this post seems to be a helluva downer but it's how things currently are.
(Hey I should start a "currently" series! :D....see....already things are looking up!)

Ill make this short because writtng this down kind've helped a little.

I rolled over, let chonch be and im going to try and tackle something.
(And my mom juuuust cooked a turkey so imana try to eat!)


& now I leave you with this picture of chonch, because you deserve a reward after this little whine!

Snapshot Sunday {6-12}

6} this cutie has been in a good mood with me! 
love him to bits! *chester*
7} blurry but; making my brother put on my socks for me!
laziness at its finest!
8} in love with my bcprint shop print!
i mean how could i not!? 
9} breakfast for dinner!
love it. 
i love his cooking!
10} i looove this mascara!!!! 
my sis got it for free from sephora for her bday so she signed me up and i got it too!!!
i looove it!
im not one to ever spend $$$ on name-brand make up but for $23....i think i'll do this one!
11} so i finally broke out my sewing machine. 
i intended to make an L buuuut its obvious i messed up. 
unless you know, LEXUS wants to hire me. hehe. 
so i just flipped it over and called it a 7. 
i like it!
12} home made calendar!!!
i looooooved it!!!!! 
i dont know why, i thought it would be bigger (although it does state the size on the listing so that's my fault!) so i decided, lets make it a diy!
i had all these things on hand so hey!
i had a frame from Ikea left over (theyre on sale!? what!? im guna go stock up!), some paper i scored from michael's and scotch tape! :D 
boom! i love it! 

see you next sunday! (well for another snapshot sunday! that is!) 
thanks for looking! 

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