Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

published: 2013
isbn: 9781250031211
read from: 2/20-23/2015

i mean, i read it on my nook so ya know, here's a pic!

isnt it crazy? ive been beyond busy with school and work but yet 3 books are out meanwhile last month it took me the entire month basically to just read 1! how weird. 
long story short: ive been wanting to read this book for a while now. my little cousin had it but she lost it and it was on sale for $4.99 so boom. #purchased. 

what the what!? 
so this book is  ahh, hhmmm yea. 
let me brief it for ya and then ill get to it. 

this story is based on Eleanor and Park. 
she is the new girl who gets bullied at school and Park is the only person who gives her a chance. 
they end up falling i love, typical YA love story kinda thing. except it isn't. 

in this story, Eleanor is part of an abusive family. 
her mother does nothing to protect her and her siblings (i mean it in the way of getting them out of that home) and her step father has had it with her and is basically out to "get" her. 

with time she and park get close and even his family starts to care for her. 
all is well until it isn't and she is forced to leave. 

that's basically all i can say about it. not because i don't want to spoil it for you but just cause, WTF!? 
here's what amazon said: 

Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits—smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love—and just how hard it pulled you under.

okay so let me spoil the end for you. 
they don't end up together. 
and i guess reading the description above, it makes sense. 
it makes a lot of sense. 
but i think it ended because Eleanor didn't have the guts to keep it going. 
my heart broke for park. he really tried and waited and tried for a year and nothing. 
she never opened a single letter or package or anything. 
and she sends him a post card and I'm assuming it says i love you. a freaking year later but still, my heart broke for park. 

yea they're right, its not all the time that first love lasts but i don't know (and yes i know this is a freaking book!) why didn't Eleanor try!??? i mean i guess i cant blame her because she's broken. i don't think that's the right word i think shes more in tune with how she sees the world from her point of view because of what its dished out to her so she expects it to hit the fan eventually but still...sigh. 
and also, what ends up happening with her siblings and her mother!? 
and Tina and Steve!? whaaattt?

i didn't hate it but i sure all hell didn't love it. 
...and i wish i would have just gotten the book from the library. 
i don't know guys. 

Emma over at ABM chose this book to read for this months book club. i kinda want to see what they say. they seem to put things in to better perspective than i ever can.

have you read it?
what did you think? 

Birthday Babes // Jay & Laine

i kept it fairly simple for these gals. mostly because i was running late and cause sometimes less is (a little bit) more. 

these 2 are going out to Jaydeen and Elaine who have a birthday today and well, yesterday!

i love how the Happy Birthday Jay came out! (on the left card) 
i love how the lighting came out on this one! lol
this is a card from the ABM happy mail package that i got this month. 
as soon as i saw i thought JAY!!! and i posted it on instagram and she basically called dibs.  great minds think alike!
for Laine's card i used a happy birthday card from a stack i already had. i swear those insta sales are what get me! i got holiday cards and birthday card and just because cards and i looove it!
(also the candles remind me of the ones i got for my birthday!)
(no love coupons were used in the making, i just needed to block her address!)

i sent these out today and i cant wait for them to receive em!
specially since im late. i think a little happy birthday wish AFTER is probably even better. :D
thank for reading!

Q & A {2/7-2/20 2015}

that's a result of me being hoped up on an Horchata Frap. that much sugar will do something to ya!
im all over the place. 
its been a hectic 2 weeks. school and 2 jobs have left me drained and thats still after i adjusted my school schedule so that i could at least sleep in a little mon-weds. 

i have never been so excited to see the last day of February like i am right now. although if im being honest, the way it looks right now, i might need to come in to work on the 28th. sad, but im okay with it face. 

im seriously starting to think that getting a second job miiiiight have been a bad idea BUT if i might add to that, i am soclose to being debt free. well ish. most of my little balances are gone and i only have 2 things to work on so :D 
i think ill keep this 2nd job for just a bit longer. 

anyways, ive ignored this little section for a bit so let's get to it. 

February 7, 2015 {Saturday}
Q: what are three things you need to buy? 
A: 1. my math book 2. new clothes. and for sure 3. black flats
i got my math book. for $100 (insert cringing face) then some girl wanted to sell her copy for $60. i was game. i hit her up and nothing. the day after i FINALLY opened my book, she hits me up. UGH!
i wont be buying clothes anytime soon. 
Chester peed on my black flats a while ago and i have yet to replace em. and that basically comes down to the fact that I HAVE NO TIME!!!!

February 8, 2015 {Sunday}
Q: are you in love?
with my dogs. and like little things in life. but not with like a significant other. but i do love my friends! (: 

February 9, 2015 {Monday}
Q: how late did you sleep?
as in in? maybe like 7. which is me being late because im 'sposed to be at work at 7!
sleeping in now is 8 am which is basically me being late to work. always

February 10, 2015 {Tuesday}
Q: if this day was an animal, which animal would it be? 
A: SNORLAX! the pokemon cause all i wana do is sleep. 
hey! they didnt say a real animal!

February 11, 2015 {Wednesday}
Q: how did you get to work today?
my car! :)

February 12, 2015 {Thursday}
Q: what is your biggest obstacle right now? 
A: my laziness. man i need to shape up!!!

February 13, 2015 {Friday}
Q: whats your favorite question to ask people?
i dont even know! :o
i need to come up with something!

February 14, 2015 {Saturday}
Q: did you kiss someone today?
nope. not a single person. 

does my dog count? yea it does man!

February 15, 2015 {Sunday}
Q: write down the cure for a broken heart. 
A: HA! right after v-day! -.-
honestly, for me, it was time. that shit hits you out of nowhere. one day you wake up and you realized that you've mourned over it juuuuuust enough and you realize that you've survived and you move along. its honestly one of the best feelings out there!!!!

February 16, 2015 {Monday}
Q: what was the last performance or concert you went to?
that NYE's fitz and the tantrum bash but i dont count that cause i saw them perform for all of 2 seconds and then i lost my bunny ears. so i'd say the alt xmas party thing shinding.

never am i going out on my bday to a public thing like that. home i shall stay!
and you BEST believe i found my ears. i have NEVER dropped to the ground so fast in my life!

February 17, 2015 {Tuesday}
Q: if you could change one thing about today, what would it be?
that i was to lazy to go to school on my lunch break to buy my school parking pass. specially because they close at 4 and im off at 6. 

February 18, 2015 {Wednesday}
Q: whats the most expensive thing you are wearing right now?
dang! im late answering this but today it would have to be my Levis. then maybe my green jacket then shoes. 

but actually its shoes then jacket cause i hustled for that jacket!

February 19, 2015 {Thursday}
Q: who is the craziest person in your life?
define crazy. idk. maybe Mon. shes down for her shit. and i! lol 

February 20, 2015 {Friday}
Q: what word did you over use today?
UGH & GAH. (as seen in my last post) when i finished reading that damn book. 

as i finish typing this im down the hall but in front of my door and it is COLD. now i need you to understand that i am a spoiled Californian and when i say cold i mean its 62 degrees and its windy! so kudos to you out there who are seriously braving the cold. 

ill be back shortly with ss!
thanks for reading!

Snapshot Sunday // 7

i didnt forget guys!
my computer was just acting up before i left to work and i just got home. 
as i type this, its POURING outside. 
i can hear it everywhere and its just about the most beautiful sound ever. 
i wish i was cuddled up in bed. but i gotta shower send out some cards and i should do hw but lets face it, i wont. plus my backpack is in my car which speaking of.....

here's my new backpack!
im class of 06 and ive had the same (falling apart) backpack since before then. 
so i just got this one, well my sis got it for me. 
guys, i can go in to the forest and get spotted immediately. its stupid how bright it is. 
i love it!  
speaking of love, remember those heart garlands i made? 
they have all reached their destinations! <3
the first set is in England!!!!
second set went to Carlee in North Carolina!!!
and the last set went to Danielle New Zealand!!! (pictured: her daughter with the mimi's i sent her! isnt she JUST THE CUTEST!!!)
im so super uber happy all the gals loved em! <3
school findings
we've been going to this Chinese food place since before i was born!
religiously every Thursday we would go eat as a fam. 
i remember my dad would then give us a dollar afterwards and we'd go to the 99 c store across the street and it was the best thing ever!!!!
i love that Lisa already knows me and my order! ahh! i love this place!!!
those eyes! <3
meaning since she got her haircut she can now see lol
i loved this print as soon as i saw it!
ABM is killin it with this happy mail stuff! <3 <3 <3
i said the babes would make an appearance....well chester's sorta in the pic. 
the way he stretches is a joke!
went to dinner on Wednesday to celebrate Jay's bday (her birthday is tomorrow). after dinner, i took them up to Palos Verdes for the view!
i've been here so many times but im always afraid to get off cause apparently, i am petrified of the dark. these two just straight up took a hike! haha
happy birthday baby girl!
her sleeping! <3
shes simply the best!
okay so if im being honest my monthly goal for feb was to do at least 3 outfits posts. while i dont take pics like that to suffice its own post, i feel that at least blogging about it on SS counts so i just need 1 more!
this was on Friday. i cannot even tell you how many compliments i got! i felt sooooo pretty!!! <3 
then i went to my second job and this dude that's trying to take me out saw me and i took his breath away. 
you know when a groom sees his bride to be walking down the aisle and he just, the look on his face!
it was kinda like that. seriously the best feeling ever! 
the funny thing is, this is an outfit i wear kinda repeatedly, i just added a belt. but i loved it!
reason why i was sooo hopped up on Saturday at work. i was wired!

well guys, its off to sleep!
thanks for reading! <3 have a good week!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

published 2014
isbn: 978-1-4424-2675-6
read: forgot when i started to 2/19/2015

whaaat? 3 books in one month!
i know, I'm on a roll!

this woman has messed with my emotions on a whole 'nother level!
i don't know whether to applaud her or be mad at her for the rest of my life!!!
i got this book cause i saw it was the Internet buzz all over IG (Okay, it was Lauren Conrad's book club selection of the month...which, i went back to look for and hmmm its gone now) that, and it was on sale for $1.99 for my nook!

i get all sorts of feelings with books and its characters. 
i fall in love with them, i root for the good guys, i hope and pray the couple that belongs together makes it through but this book had me all sorts of ups and down. 
i loved it and then i hated it and then i loved it again and then i wish i could slap the crap out Lara Jean. 

so, this book is based on 5 love letters that 16 year old LJ has written to guys she has fallen in love with through out her life. I'm all for teenage love! never say a teen hasn't fallen in love because you never know BUT 5!!!! girl, chill. 
anyways, the letters were written and addressed but never sent. until they were. 
A) I've heard of the "write a letter but never send it" method. I'm all for it. BUT WHO THE HELL ADDRESSES THEM if they ain't guna send em?!
B) there is no b but you gotta follow the a with something...... anyway so the dilemma in this is that....
one of the letters is addressed to her older sisters now ex boyfriend. 
now before you jump ship, LJ liked (loved in her case) Josh waaaay before Margot started dating him. LJ is just dumb and doesn't know how to open her mouth which screwed her over cause Josh did like her first. 
(but still how weird. I've heard of homie hopping but sister hopping!?)

aaannnyyways, to settle all the drama, one of the other guys that got a letter, Peter Kavinsky and her set up this elaborate plan that they will pretend to be dating so that a) she can save face with Josh and b) (aha! there is a b this time!) they can get Gen jealous. who is Gen you ask? she is Peter's (i really want to say Peter Pescadero SO bad! ...quick where's that from!) ex and he wants to make her jealous!

long story short; LJ, GAH! YOURE KILLING ME SMALLS!!!!
she and peter end up falling in love. of course there's drama involved,  she finds a way to mess it all up (well it was Peter and Josh's fault) 

but then of course the book ends with "Dear Peter,"
because a) of course she cant call a motherf* up and talk like the normal delusional teen that she is and HAS to leave trace of her crap and b) there will be a sequel cause get this, THERE'S ANOTHER DUDE!
she finally found "love" (oops!) and her she goes messing shit up!

as you can tell this book left me angry and quite frankly could have been finished correctly but of course, here comes book #2. (which, unless its on sale, hello library!) 

all i know is that Kitty is the baby sister i have always wanted and if there's one thing I'll miss about this story is her. Margot is just ugh. 

this book post is brought to you by the word 'UGH!" and "GAH"

if you've read it or plan on picking it up, let me know what you think! 
thanks for reading! ;*

Snail Mail // New Job - Gladys!

hey guys!
im here! last week was hectic with 2 jobs and school starting up. i learned the hard way that NO MATTER what, i am not a morning person. at least not when i need to be awake and somewhere by 7 am! so i made adjustments and i think im going to be okay! 

last month i bought the ABM happy mail pack because it was TOO cute to pass up. i was afraid of commitment so i did the month to month deal. i guess i forgot that they will charge you UNTIL you actually cancel it with them so i got charged for this months as well. 
luckily, i like this months deal too so i signed up for 6 months! (1 year is too much of a commitment. but lets face it, i will probably sign up for it anyways.)

of course, what am i going to do with a trillion cards!? 
send em out! duh les!
and ive decided to start a new snail mail series where i show you what i do send out when i send 'em out! but lets face it, its mostly cause these cards are so effin adorable and it hurts my heart to part with them so what better way to track them lol!
so here's to a new blog series!!! (that im bummed i started late cause ive sent some good ones out recently!!!)

so to start of the series, here is the super duper itty bitty cute card that im sending out to my friend Gladys!
She just started a new job on Monday and ive been texting her like crazy to tell her good luck and see how she did and how it went and when i saw this card i instantly though of her!

as you can see above, the card was plain so i just added some washi tape. but i still loved how it looked plain!
also, the love coupon was from last months ABM's happy mail. 
i was thinking to myself "who the heck am i going to use these on? i aint got no man!" but then of course, they could be used for anyone! so i sent her one for a coffee date (she wants to go to a new place by my house) or even better, a dinner date at our favorite Chinese (i see i spelled it wrong! ._.) place!
super sloppy writing but i think its the pen! i have different writing with different pens. 
also, MEOW! its something we've always said to each other since high school! it usually means like wtf! i dont know its our own little thing! :)
its never too early for Halloween! and i also wanted to seal the envelope a little bit more!

im so excited to see where this series goes! 
if yer on instagram, follow me! and follow the hashtag #lessnailmail  i have more stuff posted on there!

thanks for reading. 
have a great Wednesday!

this & that

Cape Remix-9
these shoes! <3
Conversation Heart Magnets | this heart of mine
these magnets are cuute!
free valentines
cute vday cards!
(and i know im LATE but still, pass these ANY TIME of the year! <3)
i want to make this background!!!! sooo cuteee!!!
(specially if the instructions require that you watch Gilmore Girls!)

love this version of a jewelry hanger!
too bad i ain't got jewelry!!

You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly yourself.
Weekly Wears
i love how Katie looks in these pictures!
so pretty!
Macrame garlands for your next party. Find the full tutorial on www.aBeautifulMess
this looks really easy to make!
i can make this to use as  headboard since i have nothing!
(i know, I've said that before but this looks super easy!!)
DIY Emoji Coasters
looks like the emoji trend isn't going anywhere soon and i ain't even mad about it!
these look so easy to make and they're such a good idea to gift for a house warming party!!!

Snapshot Sunday // 6

hi guys!
sorry im late...as soon as i got home from work last night (945) it was lights out. 
im exhausted man....its okay, its almost Feb 28th! im thismuchcloser to FINALLY having a weekend off after like a month plus. i cannot wait!
so here i am lets get started!!!

(oh by the way!, how was your valentines day? mine was a hot fun mess! haha cant wait to recap!) 

member how Jan's month resolution was to clean out my closet? 
well here's proof!
that pile on the side are all the clothes i got rid of. and now my closet is super empty!
they opened up a new coffee shop sorta by my house. 
their watermelon juiced sucked so haaard and i dont drink coffee but this table is a win and a must!!!!
i want it!!! a table of books. YES PLEASE!!!
celebrating birthdays at work!
making my own confetti for....
...these!!! member that ig giveaway i won. (here's what the cards look like) this is how i decorated them!
i LOVED how the backs of these came out that i HAD to take pictures!!!
7 of these were for here in California so im sure they have arrived by now....the other one is on its way to Germany...im not sure how long that takes. 

also!, i committed to 6 months worth of ABM Happy mail so if ya want a card for your birthday or just for fun email me (link above!) and ill send ya one right over! 
colors looking nice as i leave work
LOVE this nail polish color my sister got. too bad nail polish only lasts like 2 minutes before it starts chipping! :(
baby girl got her shots and a haircut. shes all naked now :(
she looks so different. we had to put a little red dress on her since shes always cold now. 


thanks for reading guys! 
gotta get back to work!
ill be back shortly with some valentines day stories. hot mess for sure. haha. 

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