humans of new york stories // brandon stanton

read: 10/14-23/2015
published 2015
isbn: 978-1-250-05890-4 // 432 pages

the last time i did the HONY post i posted all of my favorite ones aaaand then, then i accidentally deleted a folder that deleted a lot of my old post pictures. 
so ill save you and i the heartache this time around and just not do it. 

what i will say though is, GO BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was such a beautiful read for its photography and its stories but the one thing i LOVED the most about it is the juxtaposition (oh how i love that word!) of the stories. 
on one hand you have someone saying they hate God for how they turned out and in the next you have someone saying they love God because of the positive output they now have on life based on what happened. from those who are against having kids to those who cant imagine life without their kids after thinking they were anti kids. 

i love Brandon's work and i will definitely purchase whatever he puts out.
this is so good, good, good, good, GOOD. 

i will say though, if you follow him on instagram, a lot of his posts show up on the book a lot in the beginning and then through out but it in no way takes away from the book. 
purchase this book! 
you will not regret it!

thanks for stopping by (: 
have a great rest of your week. 

gilmore guys! and then some....

i think I'm getting out of my blogging fuuuunk! 
but let's be honest, i think its just the news that Gilmore Girls is coming back to netflix for 4 90 episodes that has me jumping left and right and up and down!
oh you didnt know!?

GUYS! im a H U G E Gilmore Girls lover! 
i have loved that show since it first came out on the WB (talk about throwback) and i have to say its in my top 3. i will love this show for forever and i love love LOVE to re-watch it. specially now that its on Netflix.
im currently re-watching it again for the 3rd or 5th time? iduno. i know the last time i watched it, i finished it on its 14th year anniversary. 

this year, im re-watching it because of the Gilmore Guys podcast!
im not a huge podcast person. this is actually the ONLY podcast that i listen too. my boyfriend listens to podcasts to go to sleep so ill listen to several then but other than that im strictly a "gillie." i don't even know where i came upon it, maybe from Sarah's blog, so when i saw that she caught the Gilmore Guys live show i was like (as Kevin would say) "oh shiiit!" 
i was bummed because they had been in LA a few weeks earlier so i thought i had missed them for sure but low and behold!, they film an episode out here in LA once a month!!!! ahhh!!!

so of course, i went on to their instagram and turned on the notifications and got a notification for their last LA show. because i didn't know where to purchase the ticket i missed out on it but luckily, i met a lovely young lady (on instagram!!!) who had purchased two tickets and she agreed to sell me one! 
thanks to her i was able to catch these dudes live and !!!!! with special guest Doug Benson, who as it turns out is also a big Gillie!
the episode i attended was 513 A Vow Renewal Celebration. (there was SO much i had forgotten!!!!) 

guys! if you've never seen Gilmore Girls!, watch it! 
BINGE watch it. 
fall in love and thank me later. 
im currently watching an episode and then listening to the corresponding podcast. 
i lasted a good while but then id watch 2-3 episodes at home and then listen to the podcast at work. 

but anyways, enough blabber here's a few crappy pictures. 
its a very small venue but i was in the back in the middle so i'd have no one in front of me. 
Demi and Doug making fun of Kevin for his comments on some website about this show. specifically this episode. comments from when this episode aired back in the 2000's

afterwards, they had a Q & A and i was able to ask, well try to ask em why they were team Logan vs Jess (Im team Jess ALL THE WAYYY!!!!) 
i wasnt able to get my point across cause Kevin kinda just blew it off but meh. i will say this though, Kevin is a cuuuutieee!!!! haha. 

im excited to catch them again in November!
if theyre in your area and youre a fan of them, go ahead and catch them. ya wont regret it.

thanks for stopping bye. 
have a great rest of your weekend. 

why not me // mindy kaling

read from: 9/22 to 10/8 2015
isbn: 978-0804138147 // 240 pages

oh, how i love her so. 
after reading her first book, i had to pick this one up (or better yet order it off B&N and have them deliver it 5 days after it was released) because how could i not!

its weird that i love Mindy so so much considering i only really know her from the office, her first book and instagram. 
im probably the only human who has yet to watch her show. the few times i did, i didnt care for it.

i picked up this book because Diana posted this picture with an amazing quote (written out below) and i JUST about fell in love. 

"People's reaction to me is sometimes 'Ugh, I just don't like her. I hate how she thinks she is so great.' But it's not that I think I'm so great. I just don't hate myself. I do idiotic things all the time and I say crazy stuff I regret, but I don't let everything traumatize me. And the scary thing I have noticed is that some people really feel uncomfortable around women who don't hate themselves. So that's why you need to be a little bit brave."

-Mindy Kaling

unfortunately you don't get that little gem til almost the end of the book. 
if you've read her first book then you know this gal can get down. 
the difference between this and her first is that her first was more about retelling and reliving stories. this book is more about the business side of her. and while I'm all for an independent woman kicking ass and taking names to get shiz done, i wasn't too crazy about this book. 

let me put it to you this way....
Tina Fey's Bossy: didn't care for it. didn't care for it so much that i didn't even finish it. 
Sarah Silverman's The Bed Wetter: didn't care for it. forced myself to read it but i didn't care for it. (i also want to point out that it was a while ago so i don't really remember it that well.)
...and i think that has to do with the fact that while i do appreciate their hard work and struggle to be the amazing women that they are, i don't really care to read the whole ins and outs of who they know and how. I'm more into their personal story telling. and while Mindy does mention some of it on here....there is a lot of talk about the Mindy show being canceled and picked up, a regular work day, about the Emmy's, about knowing this person or other and i wasn't crazy about it. 
it took me a few more days to read this book that it would have normally. 
NOW, I'm in no way, shape or form saying that this is a bad book because it is not!, its just not my preferred type of read. so make of that what you will but I'm pretty sure there are people who love the book to pieces because it is their type of read. 

as always, i will leave you with a few favorite lines.  

- "whats so wrong with effort anyway? its means you care."
- "the result of my not caring so much about what i say allows me to care more about how i say it."
- "if my childhood, teens and twenties were about wanting people to like me, now i want people to know me."

these are all from the Hello Again Chapter. 

-the "i love sex scenes!" chapter. 

-this quote

- "but my secret is: even though i wish i could be thin, and that i could have the ease of lifestyle that i associate with being thin, i don't wish for it with all my heart. BECAUSE MY HEART IS RESERVED FOR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS." 
(page 202 i capitalized the end because COME ONE!!! <3)

-"years later i realized that the way i had felt during those first few months was correct. i didn't deserve to be confident yet. i happen to believe that no one inherently deserves anything, except basic human rights."
(page 217)

-"because confidence is like respect; you have to earn it." 
(page 220)

-"people get scared when you try to do something, especially when it looks like you're succeeding. people do not get scared when you're failing. it calms them."
 (page 221-222)

- also, that chapter (sorry i lost the page) where she talks about her friendship with B.J Novak. its amazing to see their relationship. specially when she talks about how he was there for her mother on her final days! <3 <3 <3

i love her when she's being honest. that to me is when she is the best! 
i hope she does keep writing but in a more personal, anecdote way. 

have you read this book? 
what did you think? 
let me know. 


last light // Dean Koontz

released 2015
read from 10/10-11/2015 
ebook isbn: 9780804181167 // 90 pages

ahhh! i LOVE this man!!!
gotta say, im still in love with my nook and these little novellas are one of the reasons why!

soo, this novella is just a random little story that will have a 2nd part released on 10/27/2015. but im starting to wonder what it could be about since it was resolved in this one. 

so, this book, its based on Makani. a young native Hawaiian living in CA who has some sort of supernatural power. (DK has this amazing writing style that doesn' it could even possibly come to light!?) 

she has the power that when she touches another person, she can see their dark/darkest secrets. that's why she left her home at the age of 20 (i think it was.) 
so shes surfing one day when she notices a guy watching her. 
she gets out, he walks up to her, he "hits" on her and they meet up to go eat. 
thats when she discovers that he also has the same power as her. except that this dude is a crazy mass murderer. he's hired for murder. of course she sees it and he basically tells her that hes out to get her because its a fascination of his to "conquer" her. it has been since she was 16. 

long story short (how much shorter than 90 pages can you get? ...well...), he goes after her and it does not end well for one of them. 
i will say this, i kinda read super fast over the whole set up and i missed how it all happened so when i reread that paragraph it made a whole lot more sense. because of the way he ended the story, im really interested to see what he brings back in the second novella. all i can say is, im glad Bob is still alive! :)

i dont want to completely spoil it in case you want a really quick read. 
i will say this though, its crazy how times have changed. that little sentence about Uber, i was like wooah! but i mean, woah. these are the new times. i cant even imagine what it would have felt like to know that i'd be reading that xx amount of years after high school. 

anyways, do you like dean koontz? 
i LOVE that man. 
and for the record, im a H U G E chicken when it comes to scary stuff. like i mean i get scared easily. so just reading certain bits and pieces of this, i was all scared ._.
yea yea, make fun. 

thanks for reading! 

2015 reading challenge complete!

hi guys!

i just wanted to stop by and do a quick post about my goodreads challenge. 
every year at the beginning of the year they let you set up a goal for how many books you'd like to read within a year. this might be my 2 or 3rd year joining however, it is the first time i complete the challenge and im super excited about it!
SO excited i wanted to do a little recap post. 

i set the goal for only 15 books because mathematically, i KNOW i can do 1 book a month (thats only 12 though, les!..i know) AND if i love a book SO MUCH that i finish it in a day (which i do! not as often but still!) then i can squeeze in about 3 more. 

i didnt want to go bananas and do a 50 book goal because at the beginning of the year, i was working 2 jobs and school and i felt like i was drowning so i didnt want to over do it. but it picked up towards the end. specially since i didnt take classes this semester and since i also had the summer break. aaaand it also helps that some books were good. the very good thing about this also is that its only (already) September so im excited to see how many more i can add and work with that as my goal for 2016. 

so, ready for a quick recap? 

i think because its still fresh my feelings on it havent really changed. but still! want to start your own bidness or already do? this is for you!

still love it! this is one of those books i finished in a day! 

still a joke in my thoughts! super quick funny read. 

12. Wild
im still in love with this book! and i love that i stumble upon Cheryl Strayed quotes and i know what shes talking about. love these kinds of stories. 

still feel meh about this book. everything that happened here could have been on book 1. this is also my plea that there wont be a book 3. 

my feelings have nooooot changed and they will not. i did not care about the book. it was too i duno. but i still want to watch the movie. 

uhm. hmm.  read my review. im still on the same boat. i liked the book but i still stand by the whole "the movie was better" i still feel it dragged on a lot of parts and i cant believe im about to say this but, watch the movie and save some time. 

compared to Gone Girl, still my favorite book. prefer it over GG. i definitely see the resemblance but i prefer this one better. waaaay better. one of my faves for sure so far this year.                                              

feelings are still the same. im not all about the hype around this book but it did touch some spots. damn relationships! >:o

i LOVE jill mansell. ive read a butt load of her books and i have one pending to be read right now and while i have horrible memory and forget just about everything! i still love this book! 

LOVED this book. loved, loved, looooved. pick it up and read it! do it!!!

i liked it but UGH! i think im just frustrated that they ya know, dont want to spoil it again. but yea! aaahhh!!!

talk about leaving me all over the place. i didnt hate it. i didnt love it but i didnt hate it!

whats up with all these teens and babies and trips!? im a 27 year old and i cant even take a local California trip just for shits and giggles. lol. sorry. i had too. but uhm yea. it was cool i guess. 

didnt care for it then and i still dont. 

you know what i just learned? 
that these books were kinda meh. more meh than ahh!, i love it. the funny thing is, theyre only meh to me now that im looking back and at the moment they werent that bad. how weird. 

also, i read Uganda Be Kidding Me and Dont Lick The Minivan which puts me at "i hit 15 books a lot sooner than i realized" but i didn't log the dates in soo, my bad. 

aaaanyways!, i know most of the books were meh BUT i will take those books, ALL OF THEM! 15 times over before anyone tries to make me re-read The One And Only by emily Giffin or finish it for that matter. 
OMG! that book was just NO NO NO!
how are you going to hook up with your best friends, basically your sister!, father!? the dude calls you Girl! you grew up with him. i don't know its just a weird factor! and to top it off, HIS WIFE JUST DIED!!!!! i just couldn't finish that one. 
this one and How To Be A Woman. that book was just ugh. im sorry but if feminism is how she talks about it then NO WAY.  UGH!!!!

anyways, yea. if you're still here after this post then yaaay! (and thank you!) 

are you on good reads?
lets follow each other! i need new books to read! (i think this is the link..iduno) 

have a great month of October! (: 

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