Q & A {11/22-28 2014} #36

i dont know whats going on with my phone but it does not want to upload any pictures on to blogger!!!
so this will have to do minus a picture. 

oh Sunday, you were great. 
my mom made me delicious soup and asparagus and im so stuffed i cant even handle it. 

speaking of, she's watching some discovery channel shiz about gangs in jail and the #14. apparently having that number tatted on you in jail will get you basically killed. 
well, now i know. i LOVE the #14 just cause it sounds so i dont know, pretty. but now i know. no tattooing #14 on me any time soon (luckily, i was never planning to!)

Oh Monday, you got here SO FAST!
lets do this!!!!
you're only getting me this.much.closer to my trip to Big Sur. 

lets get started.
....cause im ready to go to bed (insert sleepy emoji)

November 22, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what are you trying to do?
figure out how to get to Vegas early. 
haha. one night trips with Moni; the best!

November 23, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what is your favorite brunch food?
ive never really 'brunched' but id have to guess like omelette's with those little potatoes. yum!

November 24, 2014 {Monday}
Q: who have you recently deleted from your contacts/address book?
uhm....no one recently. it actually takes me a while to delete people and when i do its in a group (like i have THAT many people in my life lol) so its been a looooong while. 
ive added if anything lol 
and there was one person i removed; Tony. just cause i dont need the temptation of texting him. of course i know the # by heart. im sure i will for a long time but im super lazy to type it in. 
hey! whatever works!

November 25, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: how much water did you drink today?
read that wrong! thought it asked how much did you drink today (as in alcohol!) lol uhm about 2 & 1/2 cups maybe. i need to start drinking more water. 

November 26, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: what are three words to describe your family?
loud. crazy. annoying
dogs included! haha

November 27, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: who inspires you?
everyone and everything in every way!

November 28, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what was the last risk you took?
....hhhmmm...when i threw my name out there for a promotion at work!!
and it worked! got me a raise as well!

im off to bed now! and pondering how to transfer pictures so i can upload....cause let me tell you, those CC pictures are probably the best concert pictures ive EVA' taken!

thank you for reading!
buenas noches! :*

Snapshot Sunday {328-334}

i woke up today to the sound of rain!!! (: (i live in California hence the excitement!!!!) 
i got a couple of posts lined up so lets get to it!

328 // 
my sister bought my mom and i flowers <3
first set of flowers to go in my room! they're oh so pretty!!!!
too bad i cut mine TOO short. 
im stealing one and taking it to work so i can decorate my desk now that its somewhat clean!
329 // 
did anyone go black Friday shopping? 
i did!!! at like 9 pm (a lot of stores opened at 5pm!) 
i went because Monique wanted to get her kid a frozen (am i the only one that strongly dislikes that movie?) bike. she got there late and settled for a scooter. i mega scored!!!! i dont have a smart tv and i wont be upgrading to one anytime soon since this one is only like 2 years old. BUT i did score a sony dvd player!!! the one with netflix and hulu and pandora! ahhh!!!!!i LOVE it! 
330 //
Friday after work i wanted to go home and watch some Hulu...too bad my mom took over and wanted to watch Bob's Burgers. (i got her hooked!)
have you see the episode with the candy cane truck? well, theyre hiding from it and once they realize theyre guna get caught...Louise asks Bob & Linda where they came from and all Linda says is "my vagina" my mom laughed SO Hard!!! i thought that was sooo fanny!
331 // 
the Castle!!! isnt she pretty all lit up! (: 
i love Disneyland!!!
 332 // 
last week when i went to Disney all i wanted was a chocolate chip ice cream.....SCORE!!!!
not the best but it was good.
333 //
babe! <3
my mom is one of those people who like to have a living room for show and not for use....i love that they just decorated for xmas and she's sitting all over the new pillows...and well i havent showered her in a bit so she smells like Cheetos! lol 
334 //
leslie washi hands!
i seriously have a washi tape problem! 
but in other news, you see the pumpkin one on my middle finger (lol) i originally bought em for $2.99 (cute has no price! at least not at 2.99) well i went to target a couple of days ago and i miraculously found 2 more...i was ready to pay at least $1 each (they went on sale RIGHT AFTER Halloween)
i scored em for $.20 cents each! eeeek!!!!
definition of winning right there! 

i have the capital cities concert to post but my pictures wont load for some reason! :( 
so ill keep trying my hardest because those are some reeeaalllly good pictures! 
i have a book post! (finally!) 
and Q & A
....any who, follow over on instagram for live time posts! theyre the best! ;)
thanks for reading.

Thank YOU!

before i stuff my face tomorrow and pass out, just to wake up and do it at Grama's again, i want to say Thank You!

thanks to those who have taken the time to read about my little life adventure on this here little blog. 
i've never intended for this to be a super mega hit of a blog but like i've said before, its nice to have a little space that i get to call mine and i want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read about my life! thank you SOOO much! for sure those 30 of you that follow! (: 

whether you celebrate tomorrow or not, just know that i am thankful for you. i kinda like you! ;) 
hope you have a great day no matter what you are doing!

...im also thankful for the fam, my awesome job! (and that new notebook that i cant wait to decorate to use!!!) my fur babies that like me ONLY when i have food and about a trillion other little itty bitty things. 
(tomorrow also marks one month! and im beyond thankful for the peace that brings!)

life is great!
Love YA! <3

Snapshot Sunday {321-327}

there's reasoning for my lateness at the end...but when on the road in the mountains with NO reception what is a gal to do? :D
321 //
my new bob's burger wallet from Danny Brito's etsy shop
best $12 ive ever spent! 
and it fits all my cards so i dont have to be digging in line to find my debit!
this is the face of a woman celebrating a promotion AND a raise at work!!!
on of our chicks left and she did billing and all that sort so i threw my name in there! boom! got the position! im sooo excited! im so excited!!!
323 //
me, Charlene and Monique. 
the Vegas trio back in action! (only for a few minutes though cause char had to bounce!)
324 //
i went to Pho (shocking!) and i love that they still had all their Halloween decorations!
i specially love their open / close sign!
i also love my friggin phone's camera!
325 //
love this nail polish color!!!
i got it at target. its a partner thing with secret deodorant and something about bullying. 
326 //
while waiting in line for the Capital Cities concert (coming up soon!) i came up on this little star!
right by the Fonda theater!
327 //
waiting for breakfast with these two!
"Monique!, play dead!" -Charlene
plans for Utah....here we come!!

see, what had happened was.....
i took a last minute really unplanned super fun trip to Vegas this Saturday!
i got off work at 245 and by 6 we were on the road. 

we were planning on being there by 1030 maybe even 11. 
the way Monique drives, we made it by 945. we shaved off an entire hr!!!
but that bit us in the ass yesterday when we left!

let me start by saying that when i drive to Vegas, hungover or not, were on the road by 9 the latest on the day we have to head back home. being stuck in traffic is NOT my deal. 
well yesterday we left at 1. 

on Saturday, we went to run an errand with no place to crash so were were basically going to bust an all nighter. 
we ended up staying at our friend Charlene's house (thank you char!!!) we woke up at like 11 (fun leslie fact: if i've drank the night before im ALWAYS up by 7 or 8) i had woken up at 745 but i went back to sleep because we couldnt leave until we met up with Charlene. 
we ended up having breakfast at 12 and leaving at 1. 

we were good on traffic and BOOM!!!! out of nowhere, traffic. 
we left at 1pm. we didnt get to state line until almost 6. it shouldnt take that long. 
we didnt get home until 1045. at one point we were 1 mile from state line and Google maps was saying it was going to take an 1hr 7 mins. we checked again and it said 1hr 20 minutes!!! we moved forwards but back in time!
9 hrs on the road!!? 
crazy! as soon as i got home i showered and went to bed!

it was a 9 hr drive because A) they discovered a woman's body on the 215 at like 6 am. b) there was a fatal car accident earlier in the morning as well and c) while on the road there was ANOTHER accident!!! 


all in all we finally made it home in one piece. 
fun made up road games, dice decided that i will be alone forever because they kept telling me to do everything by myself and sooo much more!
over all a fun 1 night trip. 
i love Monique! craziest gal i know for sure. 

thanks for reading! (: 

Q & A 11/8-21/2014

talk about waiting forever!!!
this one is going to be a long one!

one of the managers at work is out for a few weeks so im doing her payroll from beginning to end. 
like calculating everything so that took up most of my day on Friday and after work i went to Disneyland.  then Saturday i came in to work all late and i had a family party to get to in Egypt basically aaaannnd by the time i got home i was pooped so i was in bed by 1030. livin' it up over here! 
and as you know i spent all of Sunday at Disney's California Adventure! 
so i just figured 2 weeks in one aaand i think its something that im going to stick to cause ya girl got a promotion at work!!!! :D eeeeeekkkk!!!!!
so while im getting used to all the new stuff, ill be posting Q&A biweekly. 
but i promise, ill be back to regular programming soon! :D

so while i have some free time (not really!) let's knock this out! 
jump on over for the last 2 weeks that, now that i think about it, have been PRETTY AMAZING!!!

LA County Fair

i held off on posting this for forever because i had several (a lot of) pictures on my phone that i wanted to add but i lost my card reader thing so that held me off a bit. then the other night i said screw it, ill edit them with VSCO. only to realize that i had like at the most 10-12 on my phone and the huge chunk i was thinking of was on my camera. 
nice fail les, nice fail!

i got tickets for the LA County Fair on Groupon. they had a deal of 4 tickets for $37 but in the moment that i had them they had a flash sale and i ended up getting them for $27! not a bad deal considering that each ticket individually is $19 at the fair. 

this was supposed to be a cousins trip but everyone lagged it last minute except one of my cousins so when i win the lotto she's getting 5 whole dollars like i promised them all! muahhhahaa

jump on over for a lot of pictures! :D

this & that

Paper Flower Lights Garland | Oh Happy Day!
ooh these lights! maybe for xmas?
im just scared id be the one human to cause a fire hazard!
(they have these lights at Ikea!!! the sweet part is they're interchangeable! so you can have leaves or red bulbs or stars, starsstars!!!!)
Crock-Pot Hook Up Oval 3.5-Quart Connectable Entertaining System
guys, i havent hidden it from you. ever. thats not what im about it...so you all know that i DO NOT belong in the kitchen unless its getting water, cereal or washing dishes. but then i saw the commercial for the crock pots that hook up...and i want them all!!!!

these cute wrapping papers are over on studiodiy for print!
the lipstick one is calling my name since my sister wants make up for xmas! eeek!
(spoiler: the brushes she wanted were on sale so she got them earlier this week, well i got them for her. there goes her gift! and me wrapping it! :( )
Lace Love-8Amazing Height-4
S E R I O U S L Y !!!!
(1 & 2)
this woman's style! insert heart eyes emoji!!!
movie titles with one letter missing illustrated by austin light (19)
The Fat and the Furious
THESE are awesome!!!!!
the author removed one letter from the movie tittle and the results are awesome!!!!
Easy and cheap! Make a statement wall with paint pens (click through for tutorial)
this wall is crazy good! those ABM girls i swear!!!!
DIY Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art
washi tape to the rescue. kel is a genius!!!
and speaking of Kel....
she and jeff married, and well just wow! <3
a million congrats!!!!!

who wants to go to Colorado with me?
B E A U T I F U L ! 
perfectly timed dog photos.
ever more reasons why they rule!!!!

random fun fact: have athlete's foot? pee on em in the shower! that'll clear you right up! (gross i know!) one of the owner's son of the company just told me. apparently its a thing to do if yer in the army! eeek!
thanks for surfin!

Snapshot Sunday {314-320}

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!
i know, i know I've used it before BUT i spent ALL DAY at California Adventure and i regret it not one bit!!! apparently there was a 1/2 marathon in Disneyland which would explain why the waits at California were low. 
we started with a delicious ice cream and had some wine all day long. got a hot chocolate and ended with a margarita and a turkey pot pie bread bowl soup. great day all around!

Justin was there and i had a toooootal fangirl moment. i missed him at California and then i saw he was over at Disney but i never ventured out there. ahh, one day ill get to meet him. the fact that he was with a celebrity and i only wanted to meet him. 
oh well, heres to another time. 

314 //
 happy 5th birthday little munchkin!
i cant believe youre already 5! where does the time fly!?
(also, happy 4th bday Dylan pants! i have no pictures of you cause you wouldnt sit still!)
315 //
i dont know man. i dont know if i really had carpal tunnel or what. Web MD said i did and i dont have obama care cause "i make TOO much money" so ive been wearing this thing at night when i sleep and so far right now i feel good. 
all day yesterday at DCA i was amazed i could move my thumb around without any pain!
316 //
 i have NEVER seen her sleep like this! <3
must have been super tired!!!!
i love her!!!!
317 //
its been cold these past couple of nights (and by cold i mean sweater and an extra blanket kind of cold. i am aware people are freezing elsewhere!) so we whipped out his sweater to keep him warm!
i love that he got soooo mad at us that he left to go sleep with Tessie in the back. 
wouldn't be such a big deal except he lives to sleep with my mom so i was surprised he was mad at her too. 
318 //
 i LOVE my room!!!
also, work at 8 am and i didnt show up until 10. 
gotta love it!
i also have a pretty good idea of whats going to go in the middle!! :D 
i cant wait to see if i can start it this weekend. 
(also, that blanket!, ikea score! originally $50 and i got it for $25. hooray for discontinued items!)
319 //
finally putting the ears to good work!
320 //
double scoop of ice cream at DCA. 
couldnt have been better. 
except that Z ordered cookies and cream and i wanted chocolate and we ate them the opposite! ._.
first time having ice cream there. 
so so goood!
i cant wait to go back! :D

thanks for reading!
follow along on instagram!
im no longer private so join in on the party!!! 
have a great Monday and rest of your week! <3

let's talk about weird....

i have an hour to kill before i have to go pick up my mom and i wasn't really going to talk about this but it was such a weird dream that maybe someone out there will read in to it and tell me what it means because i told my coworker and all she said was that when i die i will be stuck in limbo and that i might as well forget about her now because she doesn't want me hunting her. 
thanks VJ. thanks. you'll be the first one i go after. 

i had a dream that for some odd reason, i was driving on Sunset looking for the 101 freeway to head home. 
for those of you that live or have been to Hollywood. you know that the entrance for that freeway is, not hidden but not visible like most entrances. anyways, it was on my right hand side and i missed it so i kept going and busted a u-turn and i was going to catch it on the other side (there is no entrance on the other side!) i knew that but i still went for it. in the blink of an eye BOOM! i was no longer in my car. i had a bike and i was going to take the riverbed home*1 (there is none in the area that i am talking about...that i am aware of anyways) i think it was mid afternoon, some time  around there. anyways, i go in and everything is good at first and then all of a sudden it gets tunnel like and i learned that a lot of bums retreat to that area during the day to sleep (they only went out to sleep on the streets (like in DTLA) at night when everyone was already at home)*2 for some reason at that moment an older (not by much) African American man comes up next to me walking and he lets me know that that's where they all retreat (what i mentioned above.) it wasn't just a few. it was HUNDREDS of them. they were asleep back to back to back. i don't know why i didn't turn around and leave! 
i kept going. and that man kept going with me. 

once i passed all the bums in the tunnel i entered into what i can only describe as paradise. 
it was this huge rock wall with waterfalls. greens everywhere. the sun was shinning like crazy. imagine something out of Avatar (kind of like this but less fog and a small (but somehow deep) lake or Rio 2 (if you've seen it...sorry!) i wont lie it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! but then, out of no where this HUGE concrete statue was in the lake. it was, the best way to describe it, in the position that babies sleep in; with their butts in the air. so the statues face was in the water and all i could see was the back of its head and its butt in the air. okay....maybe that was that islands (whatever it was that i was in) statue or something. kinda like New York and its Statue of Liberty. i don't think i was scared at that moment yet but then, i looked around and there were, i don't want to say dead people because i don't want to sound morbid, but that's what they were, except they were wrapped like mummies. they were dead, in a kneeling / praying position all facing the giant statue in the water. that i can remember i only remember seeing 2 or 3 in the water like that but I'm sure there were several more (i seriously think they were bums who had passed away and in their honor (?) they were wrapped like that by others) in the 2 seconds that i switched my attention from the huge statue to the wrapped mummies, the statue had changed.
the statue no longer had its head in the water. 
i don't remember the bottom half of its body but the top part, its head basically was now facing up looking at the sky. kind of like this buddha. THAT'S when i freak out. so i immediately turn around (the dude is still with me) and I'm facing a hippie dude that has a bike store set up under a canopy and i realize that i need a new inter-tube for my bike because somehow i had gotten a flat. he fixes it and i leave. i don't even remember getting out of there. i don't know how i made it out but the next thing leads me to being at a house with my cousin Vera and ill skip all of that because it wasn't anywhere near as interesting as what i had just been through but i will say this; we were in someones house i have no idea whose but my room was in that house. my old room anyways. 
i went to my bed and i noticed that under the bed there was a piece of the floor missing covered by a piece of plywood. i lift the plywood and i am now looking down on whatever that world was. i could see the lake but no statue, all the green but no mummies or anything that i had seen when i was below. 
i was still scared. i dropped the plywood and ran away. and i stayed away from that room as far as possible. 

nothing bad happened to me in that dream. i wasn't afraid when i was down there in my dream as i know i would be if that were to happen to me in real life. the weird thing is that even now that i think about it, i don't consider it a bad dream. when i was dreaming however it was a nightmare and i was trying really hard to wake myself up but i couldn't. its like i knew i was dreaming but i couldn't get myself out of it. you get what I'm saying? 


the weird thing is today, i woke up with a bruise on my right knee (that I KNOW i didn't have before) and my right shoulder is in a weird pain. my right thumb is hurting really bad. I've never had carpel tunnel so I'm not sure if that what that is buuuuut....yea. 

i don't know man. I'm not thinking this as a nightmare or a bad omen. i just don't know what to think. 
i don't google it because a) i wouldn't even know where to start and b) i don't want to know if its bad. 
soooo...if you're into that dream stuff, let me know. unless its bad. then you can just keep it to yourself and pray for me. 

what kind of weird out of the norm stuff have you been dreaming!? 

thanks for reading!
*1 i used to lease a 2008 civic. in 2011 when it was over, i returned it and biked it to and from work for a good while. i would take the riverbed to and from work/home since it was a straight away. i used to leave in the morning by myself and sometimes ride back with my ex boyfriend. 
*2 i think this has to do with the fact that when i went shooting with Danny for flaskmob_la, we went through the tunnel on Hill Street and while the mob was covering it all, i didn't notice until AFTER that there were several bums sleeping there on the floor that we were all interrupting. 

A few things...

Just a few things because I've been missing here cause of work AND school (albeit 1 class. So once again Kudos to those of you that take like 45 units at once. Double Kudos to those who do it while working AND taking care of kids!)

Anywho,  here are a few thoughts on this fine Thursday!

1. I think I got carpal tunnel on Tuesday.  Its weird because I remember the EXACT moment it happened; at work. I haven't said anything to them yet (apparently it falls under their medical care.) This sucks.
-i told my mom and all she said was "you messed up! Halloween just passed. You should have bought all the body parts you could have so you could've switched em out!"
Thx mom ! ♡

2. Today, i had work at 8. Woke up at 730, fell back asleep and didn't come in til 10. Gota love it.

3. Coffee.
I HATE you.
I had a whatchamacallit from Wendell's or whatever that donut place is called and i had a major sugar crash.
Okay, so it's not straight up coffee...but it's in the family.
I'm never having one again!

4. Closure.
Man! It's AMAZING to have closure.
Since that day, I haven't thought of you nor have I missed you! AND IT'S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!!
closure is the next best thing next to shrimp platters. And soup. And basically all sorts of food! :D freeeeeedom! I love it.

5. Trips!
Big Sur next month and Vegas in January as a late birthday present to myself courtesy of a friend. Eeeeek!!!!!

I think that's it for now.

I have a post coming up on a suuuper weird dream that I had earlier this week.

Thx for reading!  ♡

street art

just a few snaps from a couple of weeks ago.  i finally got around to finding proper credit for those that i could. 
already have a new batch of spots i need to go see! 





before // after by desireobtaincherish


thanks for viewing with me! 

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