Q & A {10/25-31/2014}

im going to get a bit sentimental here.
these weeks questions are hitting a spot!!! (well some are and it depends on how you look at them.) 

okay let me back up. 

i believe in God. i do. but im not the kind of person that shoves religion down your throat. 
you can do with your life as you please so long as you have your head on straight...but i mean does God handle all the signs and stuff that you see in life? 
(unrelated sorta but this HONY, woooah! love everything he said!) 

let me back up a bit more. 
for the last few months (back since February) ive been chasing after someone (my ex of 8 years) to no avail. 
we both did things to ruin the relationship and the last time it was me. finally, last week i got through. i thought things would change. (no les, they dont! its called a break-up because its broken! but still, how else do you learn?) meanwhile all the time i was trying, i would see signs EVERYWHERE. his name, things to do with Indiana (where he lived for a while) and the #317. i'd also hear the red hot chili peppers everywhere (his favorite band). i thought to myself this is God telling me that i should keep trying and wait it out. it got to the point where i was asking for all this to stop because i was getting nowhere but finally, i got through. and it all fell apart. it was good for like a day, then it fell apart. 

and now, now even after chasing for so long and having it fall apart before it had the chance to go anywhere, i feel this crazy peace within me. this calm that i have not had in months maybe even years. i feel like im ready to be about me and not stress over something that i never had any control over to begin with. Yesterday (Thursday) i had the HUGEST smile on my face all day long. i booked an AIRB&B with a friend and im heading to Big Sur and im finally going to see The Bixby Bridge. we're driving down the 1 and im most likely going to make him drive so i can enjoy the view which is saying something because i HATE when other people drive (i only trust Monique! which is another thing because that girl is crazy! lol) 


i believe whatever it was, God, the Universe, Buddha, Oprah, WHOEVER! did this, put me through all this to lead me to this path. 
its feels *pardon my french* fucking amazing to not let any of that bother me anymore. its seriously amazing. its nirvana. i never thought i'd know what this felt like but here i am. 

and now, the questions. just like whoever it was giving me those hints and signs preparing me for what came my way, i feel like these questions are a closure kind of thing? closure on top of closure. 

life; it's amazing! love it!!!

the true meaning of everyting, with time, will reveal itself. the timing might suck but it works out in the end. 
just enjoy the ride. the ups and downs. the mess ups and everything in between. 

just love it all! (: 
(i'm tellin ya, amazazing mood! ...quick where is that from!?) 

okay lets get started!
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October 25, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what is the most honest thing you've said today?
"where are you? im drunk" followed by a heart felt text. 
still no response. oh well. 
Friday night after Kimbra i went to Anarchy with my friend Dan. that text was for my ex. this was after the "we were good" part. i hadn't heard from him and well ya now know what happened. 

October 26, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: how do you feel about your body?
you get what you work for. i could stand to work on it but i dont hate my body. 

October 27, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what was the last goofy thing you did?
lol...i grabbed a guys boob and ran. while he was asleep. the funny thing is i saw him flinch in pleasure (?) as i did it lol 

October 28, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q:______________ is completely ridiculous. 
specially this last week. 
i love you life, you crazy sob!!!

October 29, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: camping or hotel?
CAMPING!!!! all the way! hotel?! no! not in the forest not at coachella not when i can camp outside!!! its not the Uncle Stan way. 
when we were younger we would go to Yosemite every year. we never once stayed in a cabin. in fact 26 years of life! and ive never stayed in a cabin. 
even when we would go to TJ we'd day camp at the beach. at coachella, i didn't get a hotel. we camped it. always camp it. never hotel. 
its not something that we grew up knowing! and i LOVE that!!!!

October 30, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: are you able to tell when you have enough?
food: no. never and im okay with that. life: sometimes yes sometimes no. and then one day you wake up and you say ENOUGH!!!! with the best freaking attitude ever!!! <3 <3 <3

October 30, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: Halloween plans? whats your costume? 
A: bar hopping, bar crawl actually, with my cousin Stan and his wife Michelle and Vera. 
tonight is guna go down. 
i will be dressing up as Tina just like last time unless i can find lime green fabric to make a dress. 
i was thinking of going to walmart to see if i could find a lime green shirt and going from there but the truth is, i could've looked sooner yet i didnt. and well, it's "sposed to rain" today and tomorrow. like POUR! so i dont even want to take my ears out and risk messing em up!


thanks for reading all my shenanigans!
im up to 30 (!!!!) followers on my blog so im thinking of maybe getting a little raffle going and send out a goody package to send out to one lucky reader. 
stayed tuned!!!

but most importantly,

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