my favorite husband // Pam McCutcheon

published: 2003
pages: 198 (ebook)
isbn: 978-1-941528-11-2
read: 5/16-19/2017
rating: funny, cute, quick read. 

After five years of being lost in the Amazon, archaeologist Chaz Vincent has finally come home to his wife, Kelly, only to learn that she has had him declared dead. When he attends his own funeral, Chaz finds out that Kelly married another man just that morning. Now she has to choose between them. Who will be her favorite husband? 


i get an email from idk who every day giving me the ebook deals of the day so i get most ebooks for under $3. 

i'd never heard of this author nor her work and the synopsis was really random so i thought, "why not?"
then i forgot about it. 
and then because WE ARE GOING TO CANCUN!!!!! (soon) i was like let me get my reading affairs in order so i can take my nook and be happy with my choices. (e-readers not so bad now, eh?) 
and then i saw that i had this one. 
and i started it. 
and then the online e-reader crap said that my sample was over so i was like "okay. i don't want to invest myself anyway." 
and then.....i saw that i actually did purchase the book. it was just my web browser that was trippin' so i read it. 

aaaanyway, this was a quick funny read. 
it's nothing too serious that you need to get super invested in and considering that i read most of this at work, it was a good read to kill time with. 

it's about Kelly who marries Spencer after 5 years of searching for her first husband, Chaz, who had disappeared in the amazon during a work trip. 
then of course, Chaz shows up at his own funeral. 

and from there on, it's just one hot mess after another at the hotel where her honeymoon was supposed to take place. 
it involves her, her brother Scott, both Chaz & Spencer, her boss, her mother, her mothers lawyer man friend, another co-worker of Chaz's, her two brothers and the manager of the hotel, sorta. heck, there was even a priest for a bit.

i want to say that my favorite character of this entire story HAS TO BE Scott, Kelly's brother. 
i loved his sense of humor. he was a super funny guy but also there for her when she needed it. 
he does have a book of his own (this book's sequel) but i don't think I'll be picking it up. 
at least not yet. 

it gets messy but at the end of it all, it gets resolved and overall, i liked this quick read. 
nothing to serious. 

spoilers below!

thanks for reading!
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Kelly marries Spencer after 5 years of spending all of her resources looking for Chaz whose plane went down in the amazon because his body was not found.
she marries him the same day as the funeral she had planned for Chaz because after 5 years she finally declares him dead. it was Spencer's idea that they get married the same day.

at the funeral, Chaz shows up shocking everyone of course and it turns out he had actually been back a few weeks before but he needed to get some artifacts to those that had funded his expedition.

Kelly loses her shit and now has to decide which husband to pick.

Chaz comes back with Garcia who ends up being this "bombshell" Latina who is all hung up on Chaz saying they need to get married because she is going to have his kid. (she isn't having his kid. she's not even pregnant. she was only saying that because even after 5 years missing her mother's first words were, when are you going to marry him?)

at the resort where Spencer had booked their honeymoon, EVERYONE shows up.
I mean, her brother, mother, both husbands, her boss, Amalia's both brothers. its chaos.

her boss is actually in love with Spencer but never told him anything for fear of sexual harassment (which is fucken stupid because in the end they do end up together and she fires Kelly and I think that's a bigger lawsuit but its a book so hey!)
oh! and since they work for a fashion magazine, and are in dire need of a new girl, they of course decide to hire Amalia, who after hearing everything that she will get being a model, gives up on the idea of Chaz and her need to marry him.

after all of it, Kelly realizes that she's always wanted Chaz but hates that he leaves her to go on his own trips and he told her that he wouldn't give them up for her (which made her lose her shit. again.) but since her boss Candace fires her, in the end she ends up with Chaz and they, I guess, now both work together.

there's a whole lot more to the story but im too lazy to type it out, so yea.

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