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Palm Springs, CA, USA

a couple of weeks ago, our AZ friends got married and off we went to Arizona for the umpteenth time. 
....but this isn't about that. (obvs!)

on the way home, we were by Palm Springs when i was on facebook and i noticed my friend and her husband were at the mirror house that i had completely forgotten about.
so i googled it and we were still 30 minutes away so i made him stop by. 

apparently, this is like an 8 hr, go search for the rest of the art kinda deal...which i didn't know about until i read the post linked above about 2-3 days ago. 

...but I'm okay having skipped the rest. 

you can see better pictures here
my phone was dying and it was kinda gloomy so i couldn't get better that's all i got...and he wasn't in the mood so I'm lucky i got those 5415468716 that I've just posted, lol. 

I overheard the guy guarding the house that it was on its last week BUT that they had been saying that since April 30th. so.....i can't help you there. 
BUT just in case, look up the hours. you're not allowed past like 5 or 7 and some days it doesn't open until after 3. sometimes it's open until sundown which is now like 9pm, so many different times. 

overall, I'm glad i stopped by because i was in the area and not because i made the drive. 
and here's a pic of us getting ready for the wedding because 😍

thanks for reading! (: 
it's almost Friday!!!


  1. I love that last photo of you. You look stunning. I really want to visit Arizona and I've been saying that for at least 4 years lol, hopefully one day.

    1. awww!!! *blushing*
      thank you!!!!

      it really is a beautiful place! were so lucky our friends are so close to Sedona. that place is, all of the heart eyes. we still need to go back and do the grand canyon and antelope valley but its still <3.
      definitely make a trip when you can. (:

      I think we might actually be going back to do the salt water river trip. I heard that's a lot of fun!


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