mother's day 2017

The Flower Fields, 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA

ahhh! mother's day! 

this year, we took our mothers out on a full blown day date. 
for the second time, i took my mom to the Carlsbad flower fields that i took her to last year and this year we included B and his mom! 

our parents have met each other but other than the Hearst castle, our mom's haven't really hung out like this. so it was a first for the both of us and i absolutely loved it. 

after the flower fields, we went to Stone Brewery in Escondido and had a DELICIOUS lunch!!! (craving some of that salmon!) 
and after that we made a pit stop at Pechanga and lost some money. 

I'm so glad we made this trip and i hope we get to do another one soon!
love ya B. thank you for making this trip happen! <3

on Sunday (actual mother's day) B & his sisters had a caterer come over and cater breakfast to the whole family and i went with my mom. it was sooo yummy!!!!
and such a sweet thing to do. 

definitely a mother's day to remember. 
I'll leave ya with some pictures! 

i hope you all had a good mother's day however you celebrated <3

thanks for reading. 

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  1. This looked like such a fun day! I love polaroid and those succulents are gorgeous.


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